January 29, 2021 / by Danny Mavis

Vans across the world are made for one simple reason, to transport people and goods in an easy and comfortable way. Maybe not so much when it comes to goods but when you need to transport people both factors are important. With the Hiace, Toyota’s versatile van option, you can do both. Depending on what model you get and its specifications, you can use it for either items or people. While all four models share similar features and specs, the range of capabilities is vast. All of them are available in both diesel and petrol variants and all of them are pretty reliable vehicles. Toyota is known for its reliability and engineering.

Maybe the Hiace doesn’t have all the fancy features its rivals put into their vans but it has enough user-oriented convenience to make you love it. If you feel that your Hiace is lacking some functionality but don’t want to splurge on more expensive models, you can always add some aftermarket upgrades. Just like you would equip your Hilux with off-road accessories, you should do the same with your Hiace, just with different ones.

Must-Have Van Accessories

toyota hiace aftermarket accessories


It’s very annoying when it’s raining outside but it’s hot at the same time. Turning the AC on is a good solution but there’s an even better one. With a pair of weather shields, you can enjoy the breeze when travelling down the motorway without rain splashing in. These plastic guards go either in the channel of your window or stick on the frame of your door to provide protection from rain or flying objects. This allows you to open a small gap for air to enter since weather shields do not cover the gap completely. These Toyota Hiace parts and accessories are easy to install as you only need either to stick them on or fit them in the channel of your window.

Roof Racks

If you want to rid passengers of sitting with their ex tar baggage in their lap and make room for more people in your Hiace, roof racks are what you need. These Toyota Hiace accessories come in the form of bars or baskets, depending on what you want to accommodate and are usually made of aluminium. They allow you to put the baggage on top of your van and secure it so it doesn’t move around. They may not be as easy to install but are quite useful and can save you from a lot of inconveniences.

Extended Mirrors

If your Hiace is a model with a longer body, you might want to consider getting a pair of extended side mirrors, especially if you’re a beginner driver. Also called towing mirrors, these are mainly used by people who haul large trailers but that doesn’t mean you should incorporate them. You don’t have to get mirrors with the widest viewing angle, a standard pair of extended mirrors will do just fine. They can be easy to install but they can also take some time depending on the type of tow mirrors you get. You can get mirrors that clamp onto tour existing side mirrors if you don’t want to spend a lot of time installing permanent ones.

Bull Bar

Adding some safety to the front of your Hiace is always a good idea. Bullbars are Toyota Hiace parts and accessories that keep the front of your vehicle (radiator and engine) safe from collisions. They also keep you safe as long as you install an airbag compatible bullbar. You can also go for a nudge bar if you don’t want to add a lot of weight to the front of your Hiace. They are a smaller version of a bullbar.

Bonnet Guard

Keeping your windshield safe from stone chips and bug splatters can every easy. I’m not talking about any product or your windshield wipers here. A bonnet guard is a better version than both of them. Why? Because a bonnet guard prevents stone chips and bug splatters altogether. Mounted on the front end of your bonnet, this piece of plastic can also make your Hiace more aerodynamic.

Also known as a bonnet protector, it sits at an angle which allows all flying objects and airflow to go upwards. Shifting the direction of airflow up puts pressure on the top of your van and makes it more grounded thus more aerodynamic. This is known to improve fuel consumption i.e to make your vehicle more economic.

toyota hiace parts accessories


Are Toyota Hiace Vans Any Good?

Like all Toyota vehicles, the Hiace is a dependable and reliable business van. No matter what you use it to transport, it is going to serve you well for years to come. It may not be as stylish as its rivals but it is still a low-maintenance vehicle.

What Is the Fuel Consumption of a Toyota Hiace?

Usually, the fuel consumption of the Toyota Hiace is 7.2 L/ 100 km. This is if you drive the diesel variant. These numbers can vary as they depend on your driving habits.

How Long Is a Toyota Hiace?

While this will depend on the model you have, usually, Hiace’s are anywhere between 4,695 to 5,380 mm long. Typically, the higher the load-bearing capacity and engine power, the longer the vehicle.