May 13, 2024 / by Danny Mavis

Are you the proud owner of a Toyota Hilux? If so, you know that this legendary pickup truck is built for adventure and reliability. Known for its ruggedness the Hilux is a symbol of exploration and capability. But, equipping it with the right accessories is key to truly unleashing the potential of your Hulux. Let’s look at some essential accessories that every Hilux owner should consider to enhance functionality and style.

Seat Covers


Protecting the inside of your vehicle is essential, especially if you like to go on off-road adventures or have kids or children abroad. High-quality seat covers provide an extra layer of defence against dirt, mud, wear and tear, liquids and food, they preserve your seats for years to come.

When it comes to choosing high-quality Hilux seat covers you need to consider a few things, such as durability, comfort and aesthetic appeal. The most important thing is the material quality. Opt for seat covers made from durable materials such as neoprene, leather or high-quality polyester, as they offer longevity and resistance to wear and tear. Neoprene is ideal for keeping the interior in pristine condition with added comfort and style and it’s easy to clean, while leather adds a touch of elegance and it’s highly durable. 

Secondly, consider the fit. Look for seat covers made specifically for Hilux, ensuring a tailored fit that won’t slide around or bunch up while driving. Thirdly, consider the level of protection that the seat covers offer. Choose ones that provide adequate protection against spills and stains to protect the interior. To make sure that you and your passengers are comfortable, especially during long hours of driving,  select Hilux seat covers with adequate padding. Finally, consider the aesthetic appeal of the covers. Opt for colours and designs that complement the interior of your vehicle as well as your style. 

Take care of your covers. No matter how high-quality they are, you still need to clean them regularly. Vacuum them to remove dirt, crumbs and debris. Clean spills immediately to prevent stains from getting into the fabric. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to blot the spill and then clean the area with solution, but avoid harsh chemicals as they can damage the fabric and the colour. 


For those who enjoy going for a drive on challenging terrains, a snorkel is a must-have accessory. By raising the air intake point, the snorkel reduces the amount of dust that your engine might intake and it also helps to bring cooler and denser air into the combustion chamber. Aside from being very necessary, it also looks pretty cool, which is another reason why you need it.

Bull Bars

When driving off-road, encountering obstacles such as rocks, branches and even wildlife is inevitable. That’s why it’s important to have bull bars. They protect the front end of your Hilux, minimising any damage from collisions and impacts. Look for well-designed bars constructed from high-quality materials to ensure not only durability but also safety.

Toyota Hilux Canopy

Adding a canopy to your vehicle can be very helpful and it offers storage solutions and protection for your cargo. For some, it’s a way to keep camping gear dry, and for others to keep pets comfortable during long rides. It keeps your belongings secure and sheltered from rain and dust. Choose a canopy that fits perfectly with your Hilux’s design and offers features like lockable doors.

Roof Racks

No matter how you use your vehicle, some things are better stored on the roof. That’s why roof racks should be part of your Hilux. They are ideal for transporting items such as bikes, kayaks and even boxes. They provide additional storage without compromising the comfort of the interior part. 

Tow Bar

Whether you’re hauling trailers, boats or caravans, a tow bar is an essential accessory for every Hilux owner. Investing in a high-quality one that is compatible with your vehicle’s towing capacity and designed to withstand the rigours of towing heavy loads is a must. 

Side Steps


Enhancing accessibility and convenience with a set of side steps is a must. Not only do side steps offer a sturdy platform for entering and exiting the vehicle, but they also help protect the bodywork from scratches and dents caused by debris and road hazards. Choose side steps that are built to withstand the demands of off-road driving and complement your Hilux’s aesthetics.

LED Light Bar

If you like travelling at night, additional lighting is very important. Adding a powerful LED light bar will enhance your visibility and safety in low-light areas and conditions. Look for light bars with a high lumen output and durable construction to withstand vibrations and extreme weather conditions.  

Your Toyota Hilux is more than just a vehicle, it’s your trusted companion for all your outdoor adventures. By equipping it with the right accessories, you can unlock its full potential and elevate your driving experience to new hights. From seat covers to bull bars and additional lighting each accessory plays an important role in enhancing functionality, protection and style.