June 05, 2019 / by Emma Jones

Being bitten by the travel bug is something many of us wish, though being on the road and having a stomach bug is no fun at all. As uncomfortable as it may be, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about because as it happens it’s one of the most common issues that affect travellers, in fact it’s even come to be known as TD, short for travellers’ diarrhoea.

Even if it doesn’t end up in diarrhoea, an upset tummy doesn’t make it any better when you’ve planned to be out and about exploring the new places, and though there are some destinations that are worse than others when it comes to hygiene, sometimes the change of climate or cuisine can also be the culprits.

Pack Up Your Own Pharmacy

To be able to prevent this from ruining the trip of a lifetime you were so waiting for it’s advisable to pack up on diarrhoea medications in the form of tablets like charcoal and Gastro-Stop for acute diarrhoea or liquid as Gastrogel so you wouldn’t have to waste time when you’re ill trying to locate a pharmacy, and instead start with the treatment right away.

What’s great about these medications is that they’re also helpful with relief from indigestion, heartburn, stomach aches and cramps meaning you wouldn’t regret taking them along even if you don’t experience TD.

Know the Destination

Likewise, along with relying on your diarrhoea medications, it’s important to get to know as much as you can about the place you intend to visit, find out whether it’s common for this illness to happen with tourists or not.

You may have already heard enough about a place to fall in love with but you can’t consider you know it well enough unless you’re aware of the hygiene conditions and habits.

For example in some places you may have to be cautious even with the showers you take so as not to swallow some of the water, along with sticking to the basic “drink bottled water”, “avoid ice cubes”, “always wash your hands” or “never eat at roadside food stalls”, otherwise you might end up like Charlotte in the Sex and the City film.

Think of the Essentials

While it’s true you ought to stay hydrated all the time, you have to clean your own filtered water bottle daily otherwise you risk making way for bacteria in your intestines.

Also you can’t forget to bring with you as many wipes, tissues and antibacterial soaps are a must because not every public toilet you visit would have the needed soap, toilet paper or clean water for that matter. In case there are hand dryers, do your best to avoid them and stick to paper because they blow different types of germs right on your hands.

Count on the help of some non-greasy healthy snacks like bananas as the source of potassium and crackers and pretzels high in sodium. Remember to do your best to maintain hygiene and if you get diarrhoea and it doesn’t get better within a few days even with the medications then it’s best to go see a doctor. Safe travels!