July 20, 2016 / by Emma Jones

The hammock is an iconic object easily recognized by everyone. No mater where you hang a hammock, this place instantly transforms into a super chill zone. But, this wasn’t always the case. Throughout history the hammock was used as a bedding solution bu many people.

The first hammocks date back 1,000 years in Central America. It is believed they were first used by the Mayan people and they were probably made from bark or plant fibers. “Hammock” is a Haitian word meaning fish net which probably best describes their appearance.

The hammock was widely spread through Central America, South America, and Mexico mainly because of its practicality and the fact that you can fold it and transport it with ease. Besides being very comfortable, the hammock has a lot of other benefits. It is suspended off the ground and keeps you safe from animals, insects, and snakes while you sleep. It is also very efficient in extreme weather since it provides air flow through and under the hammock, and you can place hot coals under it to keep you warm in cold weather.

It was first introduced to the western world in the early 16th century by Christopher Columbus and today hammocks Australia wide come in many variations and they are increasing in popularity. It really is not surprise because once you try a hammock you will realize that it is the most comfortable thing in the world.

Out of the many different types of hammocks Australia stores have to offer, here are a few that really stand out and are my personal favourites.

  • The Caribbean Hammock is a type of large hammock chair that fits people of all sizes. The seat is made from polyester and the design provides good ventilation and maximum comfort. The fabric itself is very durable and resistant to rotting. The spreader bar is also made from high-quality materials, most often hardwood which is coated and varnished for additional protection from the elements. The great thing about Caribbean hammocks is that they often come with a stand and you can place them virtually anywhere.
  • Spreader bar hammocks got their name from the characteristic bars on both ends of the hammock. The fabric is stretched between the two bars and this makes it perfect for sunbathing. You can often see this type of hammocks on a beach or next to a swimming pool suspended on a stand. You just need to carefully balance this hammock when you lie down since it is stretched tight and is not very stable.
  • Rope hammocks are the most traditional type and probably the first image that comes to mind when you think of hammocks. They are made from either cotton or polyester ropes and they will stretch and perfectly match the contour of your body. You can stretch them between two trees or use a prefabricated stand. The large spaces between the woven ropes provide excellent ventilation but they are not suitable for little children since their hands or feet might get caught between the ropes.