February 23, 2018 / by Emma Jones

If you’re like most people, you don’t pay attention to your home’s flooring unless it’s really past its prime, and it could do with a grand makeover. And it shouldn’t be this way, having in mind, the flooring is every home’s basis, it gets all the pressure, and it has an impact on the style of the interior, as much as it has on the home’s insulation as a whole.

Since we’re all after the resilient flooring, that’s the proper investment to make in the long run, it’s not surprising vinyl floors have received so much attention recently. Not only do they have rich true-to-life details, looking like authentic wood, ceramics, porcelain, as well as natural stone, they are also durable, not so easily damaged as the real floors they are mimicking.

Yes, vinyl floors are valuable, and versatile, and you can install them anywhere in your home, including the wet areas like the mudrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, because of their non-porous properties, not allowing for moisture to make its way through the material. You wouldn’t have to worry about damages from spills, and no stains or dirt!

Vinyl Floors (3)

The same goes for scratches too – vinyl can really stand up to all the use, and remain pristine. At the same time, it’s important to mention, since there are no moist conditions, this sort of flooring also protects from bacteria growth which makes it hypoallergenic, suitable for people with allergies.

Have you ever regretted getting up in the morning, as soon as you feet touch the stone cold floors? Well, with vinyl that would be all gone, as it provides warm, and soft touch, so whether you cover the floor or not with rugs, it would be a matter of choice, and not necessity. Along with this, it’s ideal as a sound and warmth insulation (it absorbs!).

Now, more to the durability – this proves how cost-efficient it is as an investment, and it’s sustainable at that, given the fact it lasts for decades, and about 10% of the materials can be recycled. Then, there’s also the fact it’s easy to install, even as a DIY project, and can be applied on top of old floors.

Vinyl Floors (2)

If you need more convincing to join this trend, and welcome vinyl flooring in your home, it makes for easy cleaning too, all you’d need is sweeping dust away, and wipe with a damp cloth. Doesn’t get any better than this!