January 12, 2017 / by Emma Jones

Bedrooms are supposed to be the place where you get to relax and get your batteries all powered up for the next day, that’s why even though often-times underplayed, you should be very careful with the décor decisions concerning this room. Another thing you have to worry about is your partner (if you have one). The bedroom will be the most sacred place in the whole house for both of you, so there needs to be balance, sacrificing personal wishes and coming to an agreement on the color and the design that will work perfectly for both. I honestly believe waking up in a bedroom environment that stimulates positive mental energy is a healthy way to start the day. Here are three key elements for a happy and creative bedroom environment:

Natural Materials

It’s not just the looks, it’s the quality as well. Our inherent connection to the outdoors and to the natural elements is one the main reasons we love bringing nature in our homes, especially in our bedrooms because it will bring a soothing and relaxing sleeping atmosphere. Natural tones such as wood, stone and brick will give a homey feeling to any room and what’s more important than feeling at peace and in touch with nature in your own bedroom? However, even when selecting natural materials don’t forget to incorporate your personal style, be it a rugged natural rock wall or a light brown wooden flooring.

Quilts and Pillows

There’s nothing more stylish than a minimalist quilt cover set that adds a beautiful, magazine-like look to your bedroom. Layering complementary tones is the key to a white bedroom. And when I say “white” I don’t mean the hospital or the dentist white, but a heaven-like, welcoming bedroom that will make a perfect pin on Pinterest. There are many quilt cover sets online that will give a final trendy touch to any bed, no matter how big or small. If you’re not in for the trend of “all white” bedrooms, you can choose interesting pops of colors for your quilt cover set that will bring a fun and creative homey feeling. However, when you look for those quilt cover sets online, make sure you read the materials they are made of and always try sticking to natural materials such as cotton or bamboo.

The Importance of Accessories

Yes, I know we’re talking about a bedroom, but that doesn’t mean you should leave the most important room in your house all dull and blank. Besides, when I say bedroom accessories, I mean lamps, candles and a few intimate artistic pieces. The one thing that’s very important for a bedroom is to always be clean and tidy and with all the small accessories incorporated, you will feel like a royalty. Choose simple art designs for your walls, family photos and lots of candles for a romantic touch. Bedrooms are supposed to be the most romantic places in the house as well, so make sure you give the room a chance to shine.