February 12, 2021 / by Emma Jones

There’s a lot to be done when a baby is about to come into the world. Preparing the nursery, reading all the books you can get your hands on, taking advice from other parents. Then there are the regular check-ups, daily vitamins and the occasional panic when all those what-ifs float through your head. Oh, and you mustn’t forget to babyproof the house, buy a car seat and get that hospital bag ready, all while craving that one very specific type of food you haven’t had in years and can be found across town only. The list goes on and on.

There’s also a lot of information on the Internet about all things babies. From specific stroller recommendations to all kinds of nutrition advice and baby clothes suggestions, everyone seems to have an opinion on what a baby really needs. It can end up being very confusing, even for simple things like babywear.

As a society, we value clothing quite a bit. It’s a way of expressing ourselves and standing out from the crowd. Everybody has their own personal style and feel pretty protective of their clothing decisions. When it comes to babies, they look so incredibly adorable in their little outfits, you can lose yourself in the cuteness and end up spending a little fortune on baby clothing.

Social media doesn’t help here, either. We see countless posts every day of newborns in various outfits for every occasion ever and it makes us ask ourselves – Is it all really necessary? What do babies actually need? We did a little research on the matter and have an answer to those questions. This way you’ll find your way around the variety of baby apparel out there and end up with exactly what you need.


picture of baby wearing gray onesies, bow on the head and red and green socks
source: fasbest.com

Onesies (also called rompers or playsuits) are going to be your alpha and omega of babywear. Easy to slip on and off your little one, these pieces of clothing are an outfit all by themselves. Often coming with a part that covers the feet, they exclude the need for anything else, apart from a diaper.

Onesies come in various sizes and designs, each one featuring cute little patterns for both boys and girls. It’s great that there are unisex options now, so if you’re not big on the “blue is for boys, pink is for girls” narrative, you have a wide variety to choose from!

The onesies are going to be used very often, and as babies are famous for making all kinds of messes, you need to make sure to have at least 10 around. If you don’t want to do the washing too often, get more.

Onesies can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved, and with straps. They can also be shorts, cover the legs completely, or just button up between the legs to leave them free to move around. They are made out of different materials for different occasions. A thicker onesie will be needed if you’re taking the baby out, but a lighter one is okay for around the house. It all depends on the circumstances.

Different onesies are designed for every kind of weather, so make sure to have the appropriate types on hand. Dressing a baby up in long sleeves in the hot Australian summer won’t be a comfortable ordeal for your little one, but having a onesie serve as a base for other layers of clothes in colder times will keep your baby warm and comfy.

Swaddles & Sleepwear

picture of a baby wearing gray swaddle and sleepwear with zipper
source: happyellaafter.com

The little mess-makers will need a bunch of sleepwear. Sleepwear can be a onesie (we told you they’re versatile!), a t-shirt and a diaper, little baby PJs, and so on. Again, you need multiple pairs of these so that if your baby wakes up all wet in the middle of the night, you have a substitute ready to go.

What’s really important when it comes to nap time is safety. Babies move around A LOT, they flail their arms and legs around, and this can disturb their sleep. That’s why many parents consider swaddles or baby sleeping bags a necessary part of baby apparel.

Swaddles come in a variety of designs, but they’re all basically the same thing – a blanket in which you wrap your little one so they feel cozy, snug, and safe. The material of the swaddle is very important since baby skin is so soft and easy to irritate. Opt for organic, soft materials, and wash your swaddles according to the instructions.

If you’re not into swaddling your baby a lot, you can choose a nice sleeping bag. It will help keep your baby safe while allowing more movement of the legs and hands.


picture of a baby in cute gray and pink outwear on the sofa
source: fasbest.com

Finally, we’ve come to outwear. Everything said above about sleepwear and onesies applies here as well, especially since onesies count as outwear, too! Natural, soft materials, cute designs, nothing too tight or too loose that will make your baby feel uncomfortable. Always choose apparel that fits your baby’s age and size and always have multiple items on hand.

You’ll need a variety of outwear items. Luckily, there’s a lot to choose from on the market! Clothes for babies are easily found online, so you can shop from the comfort of your home and still get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Just like everybody else, babies need things like shorts, leggings, shirts, dresses, skirts, jumpers, a jacket, and so on. They also need hats, for the winter and the summer. Babies get cold easily, and since their little heads are not yet developed fully, they need protection. As we mentioned before, their skin is also quite tender, so you need clothes to protect from harsh winds and the hot sun.

Exactly how much outwear you’ll need is up to you, but always keep in mind that whenever you’re out with your baby, bringing a change of clothes is very smart. Start by having at least two hats, multiple shirts and leggings, multiple pairs of shorts and/or skirts, and maybe even some nice items for dressing up! Also, don’t forget socks!

As they grow, you’ll need more clothes and even accessories. Things like a bathing suit and sunglasses are too cute and also quite necessary when your little one reaches a certain age. There’s something so cool about a baby wearing sunglasses, don’t you think?

To Sum Up

picture of kids wearing warm clothes on a wooden floor in the livingroom
source: jessoakes.com

It turns out that a baby does need a lot of clothes, but the good thing is – they’re versatile! You can use certain items for different occasions and when you have enough pairs, everything will be much easier.