May 06, 2021 / by Emma Jones

People in uniforms usually need something with more features and functions, something that will meet the stringent requirements of a tactical user. Whether you are a police officer, security professional, hunter, search and rescue, or military personnel, a tactical user has a wide range of requirements from his lights. One of the most sold tactical flashlights on the market is Fenix PD35 flashlight. In addition, I am going to make a detailed Fenix PD35 review and see what makes this flashlight so popular.

Lighting Output

When making a thorough Fenix PD35 review one of the most characteristic features you will notice is the huge lighting output. Due to advanced LED technology, Fenix PD35 can output up to 1000 lumens. Besides the high number of lumens, these tactical flashlights provide many more advantages. They incorporate specifically designed high-tech lenses and reflectors that spread the light evenly all across the beam. Moreover, they’re equipped with a powerful, rechargeable Li-ion Fenix PD35 battery that has a run time of about 3 hours at 1000 lumens and up to 30 hours of runtime on low brightness levels.

pd35 flashlight


Not all flashlights labelled as tactical are made to withstand the abuse that comes with being a frequently used tool in rugged environments. These flashlights should be built of military-grade anodised aluminium and feature stainless steel components to further reinforce their construction. These high-grade materials can withstand impact and drops, but also moisture, corrosion, and scratches.

Fenix PD35 flashlights are fitted with O-ring seals. These seals protect against extended exposure to water. Reliability is one of the main reasons that made Fenix the go-to brand for hikers, hunters, and military personnel who need to put their trust in their gear in dire situations.

Batteries & Charging

A flashlight is useless without power. Fenix has also thought this through properly. Fenix PD35 flashlights are capable of using rechargeable 18950 batteries, as well as two CR123A batteries. This means that when in an emergency, you can always utilise ordinary batteries that can be bought from most stores.

pd35 batteries

These flashlights have a power management style system that basically lowers the brightness level in increments as the battery starts to drain. Once the brightness is at the lowest brightness, it flashes off and then back on every 5 minutes in order to make you aware that it is time to recharge it. This feature is pretty advantageous as it is not regularly seen on other flashlights at the same price point.

The Fenix PD35 flashlights have a protective system in place that won’t let the circuitry be damaged, which is beneficial for all those that are prone to inserting the batteries the wrong way. This may not be a huge factor that will influence your decision when buying, but it is still a nice addition that the company has added.

These flashlights don’t have a built-in charger. For this reason, you need to have a dedicated Li-ion battery charger.

User Interface

Accessing the light’s functions is just as important as the light providing huge light outputs. It’s advantageous when the flashlights come with multiple output modes including turbo, strobe and low mode. You may find it beneficial in situations when you want to illuminate a low beam but you don’t want to give away your position.

Generally, most tactical flashlights have an interface that allows you to toggle between output modes by using just one hand. You may find this beneficial in cases when carrying tools or a weapon with one of your hands. For this exact reason, there are tail-mounted switches that are suitable for tactical users. They also let you keep the light pointed downrange as you activate it and cycle through the different outputs.

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Other Pros

One great feature of this, and any other light, in fact, is portability. It may be all good and well having bright light, but if it won’t fit into your bag or pocket, it will probably be left behind in your car or house. Hence, when it comes to using it, you’ll still don’t have one with you. Fenix PD35 is a beautifully formed flashlight that feels light and comfortable in hand, yet it is made of military-grade aluminium which makes it strong and durable. All in all, this is a very pocketable flashlight.

It is pretty hard to describe how bright the Fenix PD35 is. It truly blinds you if you are being incautious and you shine it directly into your eyes. However, when you use it appropriately for the purpose for which it was intended, this flashlight is quite stunning. It is safe to say that the main beam travels a distance of up to 200 meters.

Is the Fenix PD35 waterproof? – you may also wonder. This flashlight is usually waterproof and this is yet another advantage of having such a flashlight. Being compact and built-tough, this flashlight is IP68 rated, meaning it is dust-proof and waterproof underwater to 2 meters.