July 21, 2016 / by Emma Jones

I recently decided to build a small indoor garden in the comfort of my own kitchen. I cook a lot and I also like to experiment with cocktails, drinks and smoothies, so having a few things within my arm’s reach is more than a mere convenience – it’s a basic necessity. I was also in the middle of decorating my kitchen and designing it so I had to think about that as well. Having in mind the colour scheme and the needs I have for my kitchen, I had to find something that is large enough to serve as a small garden and decorative enough to complement my kitchen design.

Plastic Planters

While searching for a solution I also remembered that my plants will also need to be taken care of with water, trimming and nutritive soil. The trimming and the soil happen once in a while, but the watering part… that kind of needs to be done every day. And nope, I don’t have that much time nor the nerves, so when I stumbled across these amazing white plastic planters and read about the mechanism they function on, I was stunned! A fancy solution for my problems – yay!

As their name suggests, white plastic planters are made of plastic and are white in colour. No worries, the design is so lovely and stylish you won’t even think of the fact that white colour isn’t exactly the easiest to combine with every colour scheme ever. The first good thing about these planters is their self-watering mechanism. It takes care of your plants’ need for water and the best thing is that they have a system showing just how much water is left in the reservoir, so you don’t have to think about refilling it all the time. Another great thing is that they’re suitable for growing both fruits and veggies at the same time. And who said you can’t grow flowers in them as well? One thing though – if you decide to grow fruits or veggies in planters indoors, make sure you pick a big planter, larger and more spacious, as plants need much more space for growth than flowers.

As for decorative purposes, the white colour works rather perfectly in combination with your white walls. Plus, the kitchen is a small space, so it’s not recommended to add too much decorative elements because you’ll overcrowd the place. The white colour allows the planters to kind of blend in the entire décor and complement the room’s appearance instead of disturbing it.

To wrap it all up, don’t be afraid to get white plastic planters for your home. Whether it’s for growing fruits or veggies, or just decorating with some fresh flowers, these planters are a revolutionary solution for your home.