September 03, 2020 / by Danny Mavis

We all have different preferences when it comes to scents. Some of us like expensive fragrances, others like scents that make them feel calm, some look for a provocative ones, while others are always looking for something unique and bold.

Perfume choices matter, there’s no doubt about that, whether it is the one you wear at the office or on a date, the fragrance you choose has the power to speaks volumes about you and enhance your presence.

Introducing White Satin Fragrance

White Satin fragrance

Every fragrance brand has a story behind it that makes us feel closer to the scent we’ve chosen. The British owned brand Taylor of London is a perfume house that first opened in 1887. They are known for their excellent soaps, toiletries and perfumes for more than 130 years now.

The brand was founded by John Noakes Taylor and was one of the first brands that made perfumes from English flowers, with extensive use of traditional floral notes. They believed that fragrance doesn’t depend on the bottle it comes in, so they were known for making outstanding fragrances in simple packaging and at affordable prices.

One of the first and most famous scents they produced was Calming Lavender, however, they used floral notes like rose, freesia and lily of the valley as well. Today, they are best known for their passion for creating long-lasting, luxury perfumes, one of them being the White Satin perfume.

Launched in 1984, White Satin perfume/body spray offers a fresh and soft scent, characterized by floral and musk notes. With its elegant and feminine notes that last long, it’s a perfect choice to wear in spring and summer, for various occasions on a daily basis.

While many people are afraid to experiment with scents, the truth is that it’s a lot of fun with no long-term consequences. You can always change your mind, wash it off and try another one. But, to make things easier, here are some basics on fragrances and how to identify them.

Understanding Fragrance

white stain

For best fragrance performance, there are a few key factors that determine it: body chemistry, temperature and skin moisture. Warm temperatures allow easy flow of the fragrance through the air, bringing it faster to our sense of smell than in colder, winter temperatures. Along with it, moisturized skin is more likely to keep the scent longer than dry skin.

Fragrance Notes

young women using white satin

A carefully selected blend of perfume notes forms the basic character of a fragrance. It is called perfume accord and carries the smell as well as the experience or the feeling it evokes. In the perfume-making process various notes are brought together to create one more complex one.

Top Notes – Also known as headnotes, they form the top layer of the fragrance. They give off the initial scent and gently lead to the next part of the fragrance. Some of the most common top notes have citrus scents, such as lemon, orange, bergamot, light floral notes like rose or lavender, or sometimes anise and basil. Green notes like orange and bergamot, when combined, give freshness to the fragrance, as opposed to lemon and bergamot which give more sharpness.

Heart Notes – Known as well as middle notes, they make the heart of the fragrance and introduce new scents, taking around 70 percent of the entire scent. These notes include aromatic floral oils such as jasmine, geranium, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, pine, lemongrass, cardamom and more. Jasmine brings the fruity and floral scent to the fragrance, and ylang ylang offers a more tropical feel. Floral fragrances are by far the most popular ones, with all those light and sweet scents they spread. When fruity notes like blackberry, apple or strawberry are used as middle notes, they blend with other notes nicely and enrich the depth of the fragrance.

Base Notes – Together with the heart notes, they form the fragrance’s foundation, boosting the lighter notes and adding more depth. They are very rich, heavy and last long. The most popular ones are vanilla, musk, moss, amber, some woody notes and more. The richness of musky notes helps to complete the foundation and adds to the scent’s duration, giving a unique characteristic to the fragrance. Woody notes, on the other hand, give more earthy quality and a sweet scent and are largely favoured by men, while women prefer these notes for the evening time.

How to Identify Fragrance Notes

How-To-Apply-Perfume - White Satin

You can easily recognize the notes according to the time passed after applying the perfume. The first scents you identify are the top notes, you can smell them the same moment the perfume touches your skin. As they start to fade away, heart notes appear and bring the essence of the fragrance. Base notes come last but last the longest and they are usually the ones that we remember.

Taking Care of Your Scent

girl spraying his arm with white satin

It’s important to know that every fragrance works differently with different body chemistry and the best way to see how it performs on your skin is to leave it on for a few hours and then make up your mind whether this would be your new signature scent.

Don’t Rub It, But Spray It – Lightly spray the perfume on your inner wrists or the pulse points of the neck and let it sink. And that’s it! No need to press your wrists together and rub it.

Keep it Properly – Perfumes are sensitive to environmental changes and need to be stored in the right place in order to last longer. So, don’t leave your perfume in a steamy bathroom, or directly exposed to the sun.