August 24, 2020 / by Danny Mavis

Dogs are messy because that is in their nature. We see this everyday when we come across them in the park. If you are in the process of selecting a new pet you might not be aware that dogs can also be excitable eaters. This is an important point to consider when getting supplies to welcome the newest addition to your family.

A good dog bowl is an essential piece for taking care of your dog. It should enter your home at the same time as your dog and it can affect their overall health. Feeding bowls need to be clean, strong and simple, however there are number of intricacies you should know in advance about this accessory.

Excitable Eating Made Easy

dog with bowls

Enthusiastic eating habits produce sliding, skidding and noise while your dog eats. Finding the feeding container on the other side of the room is not the only consequence of serving food to a hungry dog. Dogs can also tip the bowl over, especially when they are bigger. As much as you love your pet, over time this becomes a nuisance.

A bowl with a strong base can prevent your dog from tipping the bowl over, or at least makes it harder for your pet. Look for a bowl with heavier bottom or one with a rubber matting so when the dog tries to tip it over, the rubber will hold it in place.

Your dog is too big for you to contain his nudge? There are functional solutions to this as well. Even if your bowl is angled downward instead of upward and has less stability, there is a fix. Put a large rock inside. It fulfills two functions – it will stop the dog from tipping the bowl and it will slow down his eating as it will have to chase the food around the rock.

Cleaning Considerations

dog bowl

Pet feeding bowls are one of the leading germ-infested products in the average household. Do not forget this when you are choosing a bowl. You deserve a bowl that is easy to clean. It may be smart to go for puppy bowls made of stainless steel which are rust and scratch resistant and can be wash them in the same machine you use to wash your dishes and cutlery. How convenient!

Don’t Overlook Durability

dog bowls

It is easy to buy cheap puppy bowls online. This does not mean you should not look for a sturdy and durable feeding bowl. When you spend some time with your pet it is inevitable to develop certain habits and tested routines. Sometimes they are hard to shake, and this goes for both of you. This is just one of the reasons to go for a long lasting solution made of metal. On the other hand, ceramic bowls, for example, tend to chip, crack, or shatter over time.

Looks Matter

stone dog bowls

It is a no brainer – your new bowl has to be visually pleasing and to fit in with the rest of the interior design of your home. Or your garden and home’s exterior. You will definitely use this piece several times a day, every day, so you might as well choose an object with looks that inspire good vibes. Since it will populate your field of view, once you have it, you can further customize it to make it your own. Some prefer to add the pet’s name on the bowl. This is especially important if you have more than one pet. In practical terms, it is also important to keep in mind that your bowl should be easy to store away when not needed.

A Bowl That Fits Your Lifestyle

dog eating out of bowl

If you are new to the pet community do not forget that you need to set the dogs needs as a priority. There is no excuse to leave your dog hungry. If you work long hours and you are not comfortable leaving your key to someone else to feed your dog, than you can go for the automatic pet feeders. This will allow you to be out as long as you need to be, and your dog will not be hungry.

Choosing the Right Material

puppy eating food

Often the material used to build the bowl dictates the overall characteristics. There is some concern that certain materials are toxic. Others make life easier for many bacteria. Some are easy to break and are hazardous. Here are the most commonly used materials for dog bowls and their pros and cons so you can make the right decision for your pet.


Pros: Portable, durable and easy to mold in different size and design. Low cost and available in many colours and designs.

Cons: Porous – it keeps bacteria that is hard to clean. If it develops biofilm it will grow nasty microcultures. Dangerous if ingested, and ugly if stained.


Pros: Sturdy and doesn’t stain. Visually attractive and easy to clean. Generally long lasting.

Cons: It can crack easily upon impact. These cracks are hard to clean and collect bacteria.

Stainless Steel

Pros: Unbreakable and difficult to damage. Easy to clean and light for travel. Non-porous and available with rubber base and downward angle. Non-tip stainless steel bowls are fairly cheap.

Cons: Their design is too common, invariable and simple.


Pros: Easy to clean, durable and strong. A variety of colours, sizes and shapes to choose from. Relatively cheap.

Cons: It smashes upon impact and can be a hazard to your pet and everyone in the household.

Keep in Mind Everyone Under the Roof

dog eating food

In addition to all of the aforementioned factors, don’t forget to consider everyone in your home in the process of getting a new pet. This applies to choosing the type of pet feeder you will end up using.What if you live with someone that’s less smart than your pet? No, I’m not talking about your significant other. I’m talking about babies. They can easily get curious about the dog bowl, so you need to baby proof it.

Once you have picked the right dog food bowl and all the additional supplies, it’s much easier to share your home and happiness with your new furry friend.