October 05, 2018 / by Emma Jones

Trend alert fashionistas! You can rest your feet from time to time from the uncomfortable high heels as sneakers are everything right now. In fact, womens casual sneakers are enjoying a huge fashion moment these days which means that it is absolutely acceptable to wear them outside the gym. Breezy maxi dresses, skinny jeans, miniskirts and trousers can all work pretty good when paired with the right type of sneakers.
Lots of celebrities have proven that the right pair of womens casual sneakers (regardless of its type and brand) can make any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. That’s how powerful they are! The key is to choose the right ones in the right colour and match them with the right type of outfit. In case you are feeling a little insecure when it comes to getting all dressed up while purposefully ditching the heels, take a look at some interesting ways in which your sneakers can spark your style inspiration.

Rock Them with Denim

womens casual sneakers (2)

No sneaker list can begin without mentioning the perfect everyday outfit: denim and sneakers. While jeans, a plain tee and a pair of sneakers was the ideal and most comfy outfit for most girls in high school, trendsetters everywhere have been proving that you can wear them anywhere you want. Whether paired with jeans, a denim skirt or with a denim dress, this outfit will surely become one of your favourite and comfiest ones.

Culotte Them Down

Casual sneakers can also work great with culottes regardless of the colour.

Make a Bold Statement

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If your wardrobe says that you rarely go for any other colour than black, you can easily make a statement while breaking up the dullness with a pair of white or bright coloured sneakers. This will give your outfit a pop of colour you won’t regret and a “pass card” for almost any type of event like going out for drinks with a friend, going to the movies, etc.

Professional, Fancy, Yet Casual

Except for wearing a pencil skirt with sneakers for work, you can also pair them with a pair of trousers/jeans and a blazer. The formal casual look has never been more stylish and sexy than now.

Pencil Them Down

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If you thought that pencil skirts can only be paired with black pumps, you are completely wrong as they are a major trend right now when paired with sneakers. So if you are working in an office and want to steal the show while taking a break from high heels, designers recommend pairing your pencil skirts with a pair of casual sneakers.