June 16, 2017 / by Danny Mavis

When it comes to machinery, particularly that of automated systems, you want the best of the best, because this sort of systems is connected with the function of many processes, for instance those of factories, then all the way to the stabilisation of aircraft, and ships. The central role in these systems is carried out by tachogenerators, short for tachometer generators. These electromagnetical devices are designed to measure the rotational rate of the shaft, a process which is enabled thanks to an electrical signal.

The French Zodiac, formerly called Radio Energie, is one brand in particular that’s gotten to be known for their advanced automated system components and devices, specialising in the industry of electric rotary machines. While upon its foundation in 1928, this company produced converters and electric generators for the power supply of transmitters and receivers of radio and telegraphic systems, it was later in 1949 that the production of tachometers began. The year the Zodiac company took over Radio Energy was 2003, and ever since their most famous Zodiac products have been the tachometers. This is due to the precision and high quality of their designs.auto processes

Thanks to the connection directly with the rotating shaft of the mechanism of the generator, tachogenerators are able to provide the generation of the electrical signal, or to put it in simpler words – the tachogenerators rely on mechanical energy for the production of electrical power. The voltages that are produced, adequate for a wide span of shaft speeds in a number of mechanical gear, is in direct correlation with the rotational speed, usually in the range of 0 to 10 volts. Though the basis of all tachogenerators is the same, a rotor and a stator, there are three types different in operation: permanent magnet types, direct current (DC), and alternating current (AC).

These tachogenerators can monitor the speed of electrical power of motors, engines, mixers, and fans among others, and can indicate the direction of rotation in the control systems. Some of the widely used tachogenerators are the Zodiac REO 444 R2 B0.06EG, and the Zodiac RDC 14 MF 0.04 CA 160, both with wide speed range, long life brushes, no need for external power source, and little to no maintenance. Other Zodiac products the company is known for are standard and ATEX certified DC motors, incremental encoders in the range of RCI, and sensors combinations of the RCO range. If you work with automated systems, and are in need of tachogenerators, Zodiac is the brand that won’t let you down.