January 24, 2023 / by Danny Mavis

Nowadays, smart TVs offer a range of features and capabilities that enhance your home entertainment experience, such as access to streaming services, voice control, etc. However, with so many options to choose from, it’s difficult to find the right one for your living room. Keep reading to find out whether the classic 40-inch smart TV is a good fit for you. 

The Main Advantages of  40-Inch TVs

Perhaps the greatest thing about a richly-coloured and sharp 40-inch smart TV is that it offers the perfect mix of size and functionality, as well as long hours of entertainment for you and your family. It’s large enough to provide an immersive viewing experience while still being manageable in terms of size. So, it’s the perfect option if you want quality entertainment in your living room or bedroom without the price tag of a gigantic TV that barely fits in the room.

40-inch smart tv
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Modern models have revolutionised living room entertainment. They not only offer excellent video and audio quality, but they also come with helpful features such as internet connection, compatibility with streaming apps, voice assistants, and many more. They also come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 40 to 75 inches, and even in gigantic wall-sized versions that measure more than 200 inches. 

Do They Come with Extra Features?

Another great thing about 40-inch smart TVs is the range of helpful features they provide. All smart TVs can connect to the internet, allowing users to access online content and streaming services, as well as run apps and connect to other devices. Here are some of these devices’ key features:

-Internet connectivity: The ability to connect to the internet allows users to access streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, etc., as well as browse the web and use apps like Facebook and Twitter; 

-Built-in apps: These devices often come with a variety of apps pre-installed, such as popular streaming services, social media apps, and news apps. Some of them also have their own app stores, allowing you to download additional apps if you need them; 

tv apps
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-Voice control: Many 40-inch smart TVs come with voice control functionality, letting you control your device and search for content using your voice; 

-Personalization: These devices allow you to personalise your viewing experience by saving your favourite channels, creating a list of your favourite shows and movies, and recommending content based on your viewing history; 

-Screen mirroring: Some of these devices support screen mirroring, which lets you display the screen of your smartphone or tablet on your TV, making it easy to share photos and videos with friends and family; 

-Home Automation Integration: Some of them also integrate with other smart home devices, such as lights, thermostats, and security cameras, allowing you to control them using the same remote or even with voice commands; 

-Smart assistants: Your smart TV comes with built-in virtual assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to control it and other smart home devices using voice commands; 

-Gaming: Smart TVs often come with built-in games or let you install games on them, in some cases, you can use your mobile as a controller as well. 

How Big Is a 40-Inch TV?

On average, the width of a 40-inch smart TV is around 35.5 inches (90 cm) and the height is around 20 inches (51 cm). The thickness varies depending on the model, but usually ranges between 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm). 

40-inch TV
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This device offers a great viewing experience in a medium to large room. If you plan to use it in a smaller room, it might seem too large, but it also depends on your preference and the distance you will be sitting from the screen. This makes it an excellent choice for a TV on a budget that you can watch your favourite shows or browse the internet on while cosying up in a throw blanket

It’s also worth mentioning that a 40-inch smart TV is also a great size if you plan to use it as a multipurpose device, such as gaming, watching sports, or even a home office and you have a bigger room.

Where to Place It

When placing your smart TV, it’s important to consider both the viewing distance and the viewing angle. The ideal viewing distance for it depends on its size and resolution, as well as your personal preferences. In general, it’s best to place it at a distance that’s about three to four times the width of the screen. For example, for a 40-inch smart TV, the ideal viewing distance would be roughly between 2.4 and 3 metres. 

living room
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The viewing angle is also important to consider, as it can affect the visibility and quality of the picture. Make sure to place your device at eye level and in a position where the viewing angle is as close to perpendicular to the screen as possible. This will help to reduce glare and reflections and ensure that you see the picture clearly from wherever you’re sitting in the room. 

It’s also important to note that you should place your device in a location where there’s enough space around it so that the heat generated by it can dissipate. Avoid placing your TV in an enclosed space such as a bookshelf or cabinet, as this can overheat it and damage it.