November 27, 2020 / by Danny Mavis

Whether you just moved into a new place or want to refresh your existing interior, décor is the key to making the space feel cosy and relaxing when life gets overwhelming. There are a few simple decor tricks that can help you make your home more harmonious and calming. And to execute them, you’re going to need the help of decorative cushions, throws and rugs.

Improve Overall Comfort with Decorative Cushions

decorative cushions
Cushions are some of the best home accessories. They can make the entire space look cosier, more colourful and the best thing is that they fit perfectly in both classic and contemporary interiors. Accessorising with cushions is the easiest way to jazz up a boring sofa or bed. But getting the combination right may be a challenging experience.

Do Decorative Pillows Have to Match?

Your cushions don’t necessarily have to match, instead, you can mix patterns and colours and still get a polished and modern look. You can choose decorative cushions that will add a contrast to the basic colours of the room and instantly refresh the space. Your choice of decorative pillows can create a relaxed aesthetic in your interior setting, same as poufs do.

Being too safe is one of the most common mistakes people make when decorating with cushions. Usually, the larger pieces in a room, such as your sofa or bed, are in neutral colours and with neutral cushions, you’ll achieve a whitewashed effect. Instead, opt for bold colours and patterns and create a fabulous look. To create a cohesive feel, select a piece of furniture in the room and then add a decorative cushion in the same colour.

Once you’ve chosen the colour, it’s easy to mix different patterns. Mixing geometrics and florals is a great choice both for classic and contemporary designs. To make sure you’ll achieve a comfortable, yet stylish overall look, try not to mix more than three different patterns in a room. Choose designs that show off your personality or designer cushions that will make a statement.

Use Throw Blankets for a Casual Mood

throw blanket on a sofa
Throws are some of the most common accessories to furnishings such as sofas, poufs and accent chairs. They are functional, and stylish, too. They add pattern, colour and warmth to a room and make the space look relaxed and sophisticated at the same time. Throws are used in many interior styles, and they have a central role in Hamptons for creating a casual, coastal vibe. Lightweight and comfortable, they can also function as a protective layer for your sofa cushions. You can easily create a colourful accent by draping one throw, or more, over a chair or the sofa and then tuck it under the cushions.

To improve the look of your bedroom, you can drape a throw over the headboard. It will instantly freshen up the appearance of the room and provide a more relaxed and warmer feel. To warm a big bed, such as a king bed, you can choose a throw in a contrasting colour that will make the bed feel more comfortable. The same goes for the guest room, where you can make simple bedding look more personal just by adding a throw blanket.

Many pet owners love throws as they can help keep the pet’s hair off the seats if your pet likes to spend some time lying on the furniture. Same as decorative pillows, throws can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Choose the Right Rug and Anchor Your Décor

matching rug
If you still feel that something’s missing and the space feels too cold, finding the right area rug can help you add the final touch to your home décor. Whether you go for a classic, casual or modern look, there are many different colours and materials to choose from.

Rugs are powerful designer tools and work well with many different types of floors. To create a warm atmosphere in your home, choose a rug that complements the texture and tones of the existing furnishings in the room. If there is already a lot of colour and patterns, choose a rug in a single colour or one that has neutral hues. If your furniture and walls are solid colours, opt for a patterned rug as it can easily bring the room to life.

To define your space, think about the area you want to highlight and choose the size of the rug according to it. You can place the rug in the centre of the room, or layer several rugs if you work with an open-concept space.

Finally, your lifestyle can also determine your choice of rug. If you have kids or pets, you may want to stay away from white rugs. For an area with high foot traffic, you can get a colourful and patterned rug that may be easier to clean and maintain.