March 29, 2021 / by Emma Jones

Choosing gifts for our loved ones isn’t always an easy task. Whether it’s for a birthday, Valentine’s day or an anniversary, we’re always looking for something unique. Gifts don’t have to be big or expensive, it’s the thought that counts. Sometimes even a trinket has more value than any other pricey gift. Knowing that someone has thought of us and spent at least a little bit of their time deciding on what to get us, means a lot.

If you have a military person in your life, someone who has recently joined the military, has been serving for a while, a veteran, or someone who’s planning on joining the military, a military-inspired gift may be the right choice that’ll put a smile on their face.

Army Toys and Puzzles for Some Fun Time

It might strike you that army toys can be an awesome gift idea but we should never lose that inner child. Military toys are suitable for every age, they’re often the preferred gifts among kids, and the military person in your life will love them for sure. There’s a wide range of army toys that you can choose from to surprise them from aeroplanes and helicopters to tanks.
army toy soldiers

And best of all, these toys come as a kit for the person to assemble themselves at home. Who doesn’t love construction sets? From kids to adults, everyone enjoys building complex toys that help develop cognitive skills, problem-solving, and enhance creativity.

Army artillery construction sets can consist of 90 pieces or bigger ones can have 300-400 pieces. They can be just building blocks for constructing a tank or have a mini-figure as well, and they come with an instruction manual if you need a little help. They’re made of plastic and can come in different colours and designs. Except for tanks, you can choose helicopters, submarines, and planes.

Metal Earth puzzles are metal airplanes, hueys, and helicopters that are highly-detailed etched models. They are 10cm square perforated steel sheets from which you need to pop out the pieces, follow the instructions, and assemble the 3D model. There’s no need for glue because the parts have attachment points that need to be connected.

If you think that they won’t like dealing with all theassembling, simple military toys with sound and lights are a fun gift or if you know someone who collects items, an army-inspired collectible is the perfect gift. You could go for mini planes, tanks, and submarines.

If you don’t fancy the idea of an army toy, pick jigsaw puzzles. They’re great for improving memory, exercising your brain, and improving problem-solving skills. They’re relaxing and can lower our stress levels, and we don’t think about other problems while we’re concentrating on the puzzle which means our mood improves. There are many military-inspired puzzles, so go on and pick the one you think your military person would enjoy.

For a Practical Gift, Go For Bags

Who doesn’t need a bag? We use them all the time we go out of the house, whether for shopping, work, camping, and training. Gifting a thoughtful gift that the person can use is always a good idea.

Backpacks are probably the most comfortable type of bags that we can choose. You can pick a contemporary design with the Royal Australian Navy Logo that’s constructed from polyester canvas in grey colour. They have one main compartment, side pockets for water bottles, and a front slip pocket. They’re adjustable, have padded shoulder straps, and a grab handle.
army bag outdoor backpack vintage

If you want something lighter, gym bags with a military design or logo are roomy enough for all of the gym equipment. Maybe you know someone who needs a shopping bag, so you could go for a cute jute or polyester bag with a poppy design.

Pick a bottle cooler for the person who needs their drinks cold. The Royal Australian Air Force branded cooler has a two-bottle capacity and it’s made from polyester. It has one compartment with a divider and a zippered pocket in the front.

Drinkware as a Timeless Classic

Gifting mugs will never go out of style. They’re something that we all use and need on a daily basis so everyone appreciates a good mug. You can choose the air force or navy logo or a more personalised one with painted pictures of different military-inspired designs. Reusable travel mugs are made from bamboo fibre, stainless steel, or glass and have silicon grip bands and secure lids. They can be embossed with the Army brand or have stunning, intricate designs like poppies inspired by the Australian artist Naomi Crowther.

Except for mugs, you can buy drink coolers, bottles, or bar runners. Glass set or branded high-quality Italian glass decanters are a sophisticated gift idea that everyone will adore.

For an Elegant Gift, Pick Watches or Jewellery

Watches are important pieces that every military person needs. A durable and long-lasting watch will be of great value. They’re best gifts because having a watch from someone you love will always remind you of that person.
military watch

If you need a gift for a female service member, consider gorgeous pieces of jewellery. The red and purple poppy-inspired earrings, pendants, and bracelets are found in silver or gold and are suitable for casual or formal wear. You can also choose brooches, rings, or cuff links to complement every outfit.

Unique Figurines and Snow Globes

If your military person loves figurines, choose one that’ll show respect. Horsepower was the force that the army relied on. The bond between a horse and the rider is a strong one. Show admiration by buying a figurine that represents the men of the Australian Light Horse and their trusted Walers. You can pick an Army man figurine or the Stand Down figurine that represents a soldier’s combat boots and a slouch hat placed on them for a gift that will stand out.

If you want to gift a piece that not only shows admiration but is absolutely gorgeous as well, go for snow globes. There’s something about that moving snow captured inside a glass globe that doesn’t allow you to take your eyes off of it. Choose a snow globe with a Light Horse or the F-35 aircraft to honour the Army and the Australian Air Force.