May 05, 2021 / by Emma Jones

We all know the importance of footwear and the effect shoes can have on our health. When it comes to our comfort, quality should always be chosen over quantity and investing in quality shoes ensures durability and support.

Blundstone is an Australian brand that makes high-quality shoes for all purposes. It’s a family business that’s been up and running for 150 years. They produced footwear even for the Aussie troops and still manage to offer a high standard that’s hardly surpassed. Blundstone strives to satisfy the consumers’ needs and designs with the customers’ expectations in mind. They have introduced many new technologies over the years, making sure they offer the best quality and protection possible.

Blundstone Boots

You can choose from a wide range of work shoes that have the latest safety and protection technology and everyday stylish shoes that provide you with the highest comfort. Find a Blundstone Australia retailer today and you won’t have to choose between comfort and protection anymore.

What Type of Footwear Does Blundstone Offer?

Safety and Work Footwear

Since safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance, Blundstone offers certified styles and ensures that each product meets the safety requirements for different kinds of industries.

The Zip Up Series

These are leather safety boots made for hard work. They include women’s boots that are fitted specifically for women’s feet and unisex boots. They feature zips on the side for greater convenience and come with or without laces in the front. They have heat-resistant rubber outsoles made for industrial environments. The footbed and lining have moisture-wicking properties and impact protection designed to keep you dry and comfortable. They’re also electrical hazard resistant and include a steel toe cap.

The Elastic Sided Series

They come in various colours like black, brown, and wheat. Their elastic sides are made of water-resistant leather and allow you to put them on and take them off with ease. They’re electrical shock-resistant and heat resistant as well, and the toe cap and the added TPU bump cap provide additional protection for you and the boots.

Blundstone Boots

The Joggers

These are specially designed for a light feeling and are made of breathable nylon. They’re anti-bacterial and washable. Moreover, they’re anti-static and heat-resistant with a removable foam footbed made to absorb impact. They have a composite toe cap and are metal-free, which means that no security detectors will be set off.

The Safety Gumboots

They offer the highest water protection and liquid penetration to keep your feet dry and comfortable. They’re designed for environments where there’s a risk of biological contamination, like farms and kitchens. They’re slip-resistant and can be with or without a steel toe cap, depending on your job’s requirements.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are the most popular shoes worn by men and women. They’ve become a staple when it comes to elegant and everyday footwear. They have elastic sides and close fit made to suit any type of foot. This style can be found in several designs and a variety of colours made to match any outfit that you have in mind.

They consist of breathable, water-resistant leather and quality outsoles. Their midsoles are made of Blundstone original comfort system and impact absorption at the heel. They have the recognisable pull tabs for easy pulling them off and on and reinforced stitching for greater durability. They can be found in waxed and water-resistant suede finish or leather brogue detailing as well.

Blundstone Boots

High Top and Heeled Women’s Boots

Women know that, for many reasons, boots are the ideal shoes. This is why Blundstone Australia have the women’s high-top and heeled boots. Women’s high-top boots feature a higher rise and brogue accent details. They’re available in shiraz and black and offer both style and comfort. The leather is water-resistant and they have the patented Blundstone comfort system.

The women’s heeled boots are probably the comfiest heeled shoes that you’ll ever wear. They come in several colours and feature the best technologies. Their EVA footbed offers extra cushioning and can be removed. The outsole is sturdy with a Cuban heel and has a steel shank for greater stability.

Accessories to Prolong the Life of Your Blundstones

You can shop Blundstone accessories that are specially made for added comfort and care. There are several types of footbeds that you can choose from to give you that much-needed extra support. They’re shock-absorbent and suitable for any type of Blundstone boots. Besides the classic footbeds, they can be arched footbeds that offer impact absorption in the forepart of the boot. They’re bacteria and odour-resistant, and can be washed.

For extra protection, there’s the waterproofing spray that’s suitable for all of the shoes without affecting their breathability. It dries fast and protects against stains as well.

For always looking fresh and clean, the boots can be polished with a polishing pad that’s an easy solution when you’re on the go. It’s a pre-saturated sponge that breathes new life into the leather boots. There’s also the polishing cream that’s heavily pigmented and helps maintain your shoes in a good shape for a longer time.

Blundstone Boots

How to Take Care of Your Blundstone Shoes?

Depending on the material, there are extra cleaning tips that you need to make sure your Blundstones are given the care that they deserve. For cleaning the sole, remove any dirt with a stiff nylon brush or soak them in warm water. You can use a damp cloth and allow them to dry naturally. For your leather boots, use a damp cloth or a soft brush to remove dirt and leave them to dry away from sunlight.

When clean, apply the finish but first, try it on a smaller area because you don’t want it to alter the appearance of the leather. For cleaning suede, use a suede brush for the dirt and a gum eraser for any scuff marks. Use a dump suede brush and a cleaner for the entire boots and dab them with a dry towel to remove moisture. Leave them to dry naturally. Then, you can apply the waterproofing spray.

Keep in mind that no matter how durable, no shoes will last longer if they aren’t properly taken care of. Concerning their care, you can find any information that you need on any Blundstone online store. You should always use the products that are recommended for the specific type of material and don’t expose them to the sun or any other type of heat in order to dry them.