October 15, 2021 / by Emma Jones

Every surface from the floor to the ceiling needs to be cleaned, disinfected and polished. This is especially true in hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments such as offices, stores, malls, as well as public spaces, such as schools, institutions and hospitals. And all those spaces have very specific and very demanding cleaning requirements. There are many different chemicals, tools, cloths and detergents designed for specific purposes on the market. Cleaning equipment and new products are also being developed all the time. Cleaning trolleys, sometimes referred to as a janitor’s rolling office, have become not only important, but also crucial for hygiene and public health. And a constantly clean space is key not only for people’s health but also for the success of your business.

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While so many things constantly change in the cleaning industry, there is one thing that is common amongst all industries, and that is the need for cleaning trolleys. Their roles and their importance always stay the same. Having good, well-functioning cleaning carts that can answer all the cleaning requirements and hold and carry everything that is needed, is one way to make sure that cleanliness is always guaranteed. 

Moreover, aside from making cleaning faster and more efficient, it also makes it easier for cleaning staff to do their job and protect them by decreasing risks of injuries. In many ways, if you invest in good-quality cleaning carts, you will decrease costs in the long run. They will decrease the risk of spills of chemicals and other substances significantly. This, and the quality wheels will protect the floors, making the tasks less time-consuming for the workers, resulting in lower labour costs. 

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Types of Cleaning Trolleys

There is a wide range of different janitorial carts, varying in size, quality, features, designs, materials and functions. So it goes without saying that it’s important to find the right cleaning trolleys for sale that will meet the right standards and will fulfil the requirements of a specific space. The right cleaning trolley needs to provide the cleaning workers with a way to carry all the necessary tools and products for their tasks in an efficient way. It also needs to be safe, sturdy and easy to use.

There are smaller options, like trolleys with two buckets, with or without additional attachments for collecting waste. There are also heavy-duty trolleys constructed to carry large loads, made from materials resistant to rust, dents and chips. Some are specifically made to fulfil housekeeping requirements, providing enough space to collect garbage or used towels and linens from guest rooms, as well as clean and dry space to carry fresh linens, towels and new toiletries. Before choosing, make sure that you know about all the purposes it will serve and the things it will need to hold, in order to be able to find one that is big enough.

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Storage Space

A cleaning cart needs to have enough storage space for everything the worker might need, as well as provide the necessary options for organising. Different spaces and different industries have different cleaning needs. Before choosing the cleaning trolleys for an office, make sure that they will allow for everything to be stored. For instance, some janitor carts have a space designated to vacuum cleaners, space for waste, etc. Moreover, you need to make sure that the carts you choose can withstand the weight.

Easy and Comfortable to Use

It is obvious that primarily a janitor cleaning cart should help anyone who is cleaning – the janitor, cleaning worker or housekeeper to do their job without having to drag heavy weights around. For this, the janitor trolley needs to be well crafted, have functioning and good quality wheels to ensure that it will be comfortable and easy to push around and manoeuvre. It should also be lightweight and compact. This will not only prevent work-related injuries and strains but also dents and other damages to the walls and doors. 

The protection of the worker’s backs, hands and legs from heavy weights, while extremely important, is not the only reason why a good cleaning trolley is important for their job. The ability to have everything they need in one place, and the ability to carry all of that with them where they need to be, will also make them more efficient and productive. For example, they won’t need to waste time going back and forth looking for tools and products.

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We can say that one of the main purposes of cleaning trolleys is protection. Even with the most stain-resistant and resilient floors, like vinyl floors, some of the chemicals carried inside and the heavy weight can still damage them. But aside from protecting the floors, walls and doors, as wells the workers from injuries, a well-designed janitor cart will also protect the objects that are placed in it. Some trolleys feature water-resistant separators that can allow the person using them to separate items, such as electrical equipment and appliances or chemicals, to protect them from water damages, or to separate wet from dry objects, clean from dirty objects, etc., as well as protect the floorings or the carpets from spills.


The workers that are keeping the place clean and keeping us safe as a result move all around all the time. However, it’s important that their job isn’t hurting the day-to-day tasks of the other workers, customers or clients. Investing in good quality trolleys will ensure that the trolley isn’t producing too much noise. Make sure that the commercial cleaning carts you are choosing feature good quality wheels, preferably made from rubber. Not only will they be less noisy, but they will also protect the floors and will last longer.