January 18, 2022 / by Danny Mavis

Although it seems like an insignificant thing to take into account, the truth is that businesses should seriously consider the type of floor they choose for their facilities. Aside from being appealing and stylish, the chosen floor also needs to be practical, durable and easy to maintain. Having all of this in mind, it’s not strange that vinyl floors are taking over the commercial flooring market of commercial flooring.

What Is Commercial Grade Vinyl Flooring?

Commercial vinyl floor is a durable and practical flooring material made of natural and synthetic materials. Being able to balance all of these things, vinyl floor is maybe the only type of commercial floor that feels and looks natural. Thanks to the use of advanced technology, the commercial vinyl floor range is constantly evolving, making it the ideal solution for businesses and institutions. Plus it’s water and stain resistant which makes it even better.

commercial vinyl flooring
source: flooringinc.com

Which Businesses Can Benefit from Vinyl Floor Application?

  • Retail – Retail stores are places where lots of people enter and exit in order to find the things they’re looking for.
  • Hospitals – There’s no need to say that there’s heavy traffic in hospitals, not to mention the daily movement of devices, machines and beds.
  • Hospitality Venues – Being water and stain-resistant and able to withstand heavy traffic, vinyl flooring is the perfect solution for restaurants, coffee-to-go, cafeterias, bistros, etc.
  • Gyms – Given the fact that gyms have lots of traffic and the use of heavy weights and machinery is constant, the vinyl floor is the most durable solution for the purpose.
  • Aged Care – The daily use of wheelchairs, mobility walkers and many other walking and dragging frames demand the use of sturdy floors like vinyl.
  • Offices – Office facilities are also places where there is lots of traffic on a daily basis, so besides a durable, they are also in need of an appealing floor, just like vinyl.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

It Can Withstand High Traffic

Even if placed in a hospital or restaurant where there’s lots of traffic, this floor can look and feel the same even after years of use. When compared to residential vinyl floor, the commercial floor is designed to carry more weight, and not only the weight of people who are constantly coming and going, but also the weight of heavy objects. Even women’s heels won’t be able to damage vinyl floor because of its durable and thick core and finish. Even in case of accidents like spills which can happen a lot in restaurants and cafeterias, cleaning this floor won’t be a problem. And not only cleaning, but the constant use of cleaning trolleys won’t be a problem as they won’t damage the floor with the wheels. This floor is tough enough to withstand it all.

vinyl floor
source: armstrongflooring.com

The Choice Is Huge

Another thing that sets apart vinyl from the other types of commercial floors is its ability to flawlessly imitate any other floor. This floor is made of multiple layers of different quality materials and on its top, there is realistic photography with which can be obtained different floor styles, textures and colours. In other words, the commercial vinyl floor offers incredible opportunities when it comes to the look. Wood, natural stones, marble, ceramic tiles, you name it, this floor is so diverse that you can even choose to incorporate some geometric shapes, patterns and tons of colours.

In restaurants and hotels, interior design plays a huge role in how people will take the place, so making it as homey and stylish as possible is essential to make them want to come back again. And as we all know by now, besides the decorations and furniture pieces, it’s the floor that can make or break the whole image in one place. But thanks to the vinyl floor, nowadays, these facilities can create and choose the best possible solution that can meet the entire design and décor while pleasing the eyes.

commercial flooring
source: decorfloors.ca

It Won’t Break the Bank

Aside from being attractive, durable and easy to maintain, vinyl floor is also affordable. And not only because of the low initial cost but also because of its ability to withstand a lot of wear and tear without showing a sign of ageing. Thanks to this, it can be many years before you have to do any touch-ups. And even when the time comes for its change, still choosing a commercial vinyl would be the best and most affordable option you have that can allow you to change even the look of your place without breaking the bank.

How Long Does Commercial Vinyl Flooring Last?

Being highly durable and easy to maintain, when installed properly, this floor can last about 25 years or even more. Now, in order to get the best of it, cleaning it on a regular basis is paramount.