March 03, 2022 / by Emma Jones

Knitting has a long history which dates from Egypt in the 11th century CE. Over the years, it has improved a lot, and so have the knitting techniques, yarn fabrics and patterns. All of this explains the appearance of different knitted clothing pieces. Being the queens of fashion, women love to wear knitted clothes regardless of the season, and the truth is that there are several pieces that should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Button-Front Cardigan

A basic button-front cardigan is a wardrobe staple. It’s a universal garment that’s also versatile at the same time, allowing you to combine it with different types of outfits. By choosing a basic and plain yet extremely appealing ladies knitwear of this kind, without any extra and shiny or colourful details, you’ll have top clothing that could match even some of your most formal and elegant outfits.

Mainly, you can choose between a rounded and a V neckline button-front cardigan, as well as from a large selection of knitting patterns and materials. When looking for an all-in-one cardigan, choose a thinner model that has been knitted with a thinner yarn. When looking for something warmer that you can wear every day and at work, it’s recommended for you to choose a thicker cardigan.


The last and most important detail of these cardigans is their buttons. Just like the knitting pattern and cardigan’s thickness, they can also play a huge role in the cardigans appearance. For instance, tortoiseshell buttons or any other coloured buttons could make the cardigan look more casual, while black, gold, silver, pearly or some other shimmery buttons would make the cardigan look dressier.

Fine Knit Roll Neck

Cardigans surely are a popular womens knitwear choice, but nothing beats the elegance and style coming from fine knit roll necks. Even faces like Audrey Hepburn loved wearing them a lot. Warm and comforting, roll necks are a type of clothing piece that can complement and even enhance an outfit.

Its simplicity and elegance allow you to combine it with literally any type of outfit. Plus, it’s also great for layering, so you could easily combine it with your button-front cardigan. Just like cardigans, roll necks are also available in numerous knitting patterns, fabric thicknesses and colours, with black, white and ivory being considered the most universal colours.


Knitted Tee

Next up from the stylish ladies knitwear options you have the knitted tees and t-shirts with long sleeves that are just an update of the plain cotton t-shirts. Being knitted with the finest yarn, these tees and tops are the perfect clothing pieces that can complement literally any of your outfits.

Whether talking about casual going outs with friends, some work office events or corporate dinners, they’re the perfect clothing pieces you can wear on their own or layer them. For more business casual outfits you can combine them with jeans/pants, blazers and sneakers, and for those more formal occasions, you can always match them with trouser suits and high heels.


Knitted blazers are quite similar to cardigans only more elegant looking. They’re the ideal choice for all those of you who hate wearing suits but need to wear one on some occasions. Whether talking about needing to wear it at work, or at some dinner or corporate event, these blazers can save the situation. All it takes is adorning them with a nice belt and looser-fitted trousers and you’ll be ready for your dressier occasion.


Benefits of Owning Knitted Clothing Pieces

They’re Comfy

The first and unbeatable benefit of wearing ladies knitwear is the comfort. Whether wearing them on a daily basis throughout the year, or only during the colder months of the year, knitted clothes can provide you with immense comfort and warmth. Depending on your outfit and personal taste, you can choose from the large selection of close-fitted or looser knitted clothing pieces. You’d be surprised by the stretchiness and cosiness coming especially from the close-fitted models.

They’re Resistant to Wrinkles

As we all know, wrinkles, in general, are caused by heat or moisture, causing the fibres to move and bend into new positions. But thanks to the knit fabric’s elasticity and the knitted pattern which has smaller loops in between, knitted garments are almost impossible to wrinkle. This makes them ideal for when travelling since you can easily twist them into any shape you want, or for those long and busy days at work when you want to look impeccable.


They’re Easy to Maintain

While in the past caring for knitted clothes was extremely difficult and sometimes exhausting, these days, this is a thing of the past. Thanks to the large selection of new and more washing-friendly fabrics, as well as the large selection of new washers with numerous features, now you can clean and maintain your knitwear with ease. In order to wash them, all you have to do is to put your knitwear in mesh bags, choose the needed cycle and toss them in the machine. Simple as that.