April 21, 2021 / by Emma Jones

We spend the majority of our time in the office. Oftentimes, we go home feeling tired and with body aches because of the long sitting in front of the computer. Headaches, back pain, and other issues can affect our productivity in the workplace. Even with most of us working from home nowadays, we need a proper and comfortable home office in order to do our job efficiently. For this reason, we should have the right office furniture to improve productivity and overall well-being.

This is where ergonomics plays a big role. This is the way of designing spaces primarily for the users and their needs. It has to do with the adjustment of the equipment, tools, environment, and systems that people use and making them more suited for our everyday needs. This provides us with a better experience and prevents injuries as a result of the working environment. This is why you need quality and durable ergonomic office equipment for your workplace and home office.

Why Do You Need an Adjustable Desk?

This desk allows you to adjust its height for changing working positions. This is the right choice for you if you don’t like sitting all day because it enables you to do your job while standing. They can offer relief with existing back problems and prevent them in the future. Also, if you have an injury that requires the pressure to be taken off of your back and hips for a faster recovery, an adjustable desk can be of great help.

brave new office stand up adjustable workstation

This ergonomic product has a modern design and different shapes with a control panel that can have memory presets to set the desired height. In this way, you can lower or raise the desk with a simple use of a button. It can come just as a frame that can be suited to fit different lengths of worktops or it can be a full desk. It’s durable and can hold different weights.

Why Do You Need an Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomic chairs are probably the most used ergonomic office equipment. The reason for this lies in the fact that they give the necessary support which will put an end to your back pain. You need the right ergonomic chair that will reduce neck pain, relieve pressure on the spine and hips, and make you more productive.

The chair’s backrest is easily adaptable to the shape of your spine. It supports the lower back, neck, and shoulders. It has stable wheels which help mobility and they can be made of rubber, which makes the chair suitable for harder floors, and plastic that’s used for offices with carpets. The adjustable armrests help the shoulders relax and keep them in a natural position. The seat height needs to be set according to the length of your legs so they can rest flat on the floor. It should have the appropriate depth and width, and it should tilt in order to correctly position every body part.

Why Do You Need an Ergonomic Keyboard?

Typical keyboards aren’t really designed with the user in mind. They just need to function properly and assist us in our work. This is the reason why our hands and wrists hurt all the time. Ergonomic keyboards minimise the strain on these parts and keep the hands relaxed. In this way, no pain will be caused to our upper body.

new ways of ergonomic sitting on the desk ergonomic keyboard wrist rest

You can find this ergonomic equipment in various different types. It can be a split keyboard that has the keys grouped in sections, a contoured keyboard that’s split and shaped like a wave, and angled that has an angled middle part which enables a more natural placement of the hands and wrists.

Why Do You Need an Adjustable Workstation?

This workstation is similar to the adjustable desk but it goes on top of the desk and offers several other benefits as well. It’s a simple addition to the office space that doesn’t require any installation or rearrangement of other furniture elements. When you’re sitting down, you can adjust the workstation so your monitor faces you directly at eye height. Your hands should be at the level of your elbows or slightly below them.

height adjustable standing desk

You can simply raise the workstation and work in a standing position. It has a larger space for the keyboard which sets your arms apart and reduces strain in that area. It can be upgraded with one or two monitor kits that allow adjustment of the screen height and tilting for even greater eye comfort and reducing neck pain. By lifting the screen off the work surface, there’s more free space as well.

Why Do You Need a Foot Rest?

Ergonomic footrests are commonly used to help you rest your feet more comfortably and provide you with different heights that you can place your feet on. They’re placed under the desk and give you the necessary support. No one can sit an entire day without moving but more often than not we forget to move because we’re swamped with work. Sometimes we cross our legs but this is just bad for our posture and some people can’t touch the floor when sitting, which makes blood circulation stop and the legs start aching. Having your feet placed on a footrest reminds you and allows you to change positions effortlessly.

ergonomic footrest

There are many different models of footrests that you can go for. They can come in many heights but most of them can be adjusted. You can choose between stationary footrests and those that can move in different directions, like forward and backward, or sideways. Other types of these ergonomic products can come with various features that allow you to stretch your feet and flex your muscles.

You can also pick the material of the footrest, depending on whether you want to use it barefoot or with your shoes on. You can get plastic ones from non-slip materials or footrests covered with cushioning materials to feel the softness under your feet.