March 21, 2023 / by Emma Jones

If you’re planning to become a professional dog groomer, prepare to deal with some seriously fluffy clientele on a daily basis. Although it’s a rewarding job, sometimes it can feel like you’re wrestling with a giant cotton ball in the middle of a hurricane, especially if you don’t have a suitable grooming station.

If you’re new to this, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect table for your salon so you can make your job a breeze and have your furry clients looking like they just stepped out of a canine beauty pageant. So take a seat, and let’s get started on transforming those fluffy fidos into fabulous furballs!

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How Can the Right Table Help You?

poodle in a grooming salon

This is an essential piece of equipment for a professional groomer. The various pet grooming tables on the market are designed to assist you with everything from basic duties like hair cutting and nail clipping to more involved procedures. Your tasks get significantly more convenient, quicker, and easy. Also, the dog stays calm and secure, allowing you to relax.

Factors to Consider

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The Size of the Animal

A dog must be able to stand and lie down in relaxed postures without having too much space to wander around. Professional

tables are typically 20 to 60 cm broad and 75 to 120 cm long, though different manufacturers may use different dimensions.

If you plan to groom dogs of various sizes, pick a model that will be comfortable for the largest dog. A small pet grooming table is appropriate only for use with toy- and small-breed dogs and normally consists of a round, revolving countertop on a frame with a nonslip base. It can be used to groom tiny dogs more comfortably for both parties because it can rest on top of any counter.

The Height of the Groomer

A grooming table needs to be the right height for the groomer in relation to the dog’s size. To avoid bending or stretching while brushing, combing, or taking care of ears or nails, you should be able to raise the dog to around your waist level.

For the most flexibility, get a design with movable legs. Such a table allows you to groom dogs of various sizes whether seated or standing.

Models with hydraulic lifts can be pricey. In any case, if you frequently groom dogs or need help lifting them, they are worth the cost. Even with the dog in place, a hydraulic table can be easily adjusted to match your needs.

Restraining Attachments

These attachments keep the animal upright and securely in place. They have various mechanisms and allow you to conduct tasks without being interrupted. They also prevent dogs from jumping off and getting hurt as a result.

The nooses are better suited for small to medium-sized dogs, while the harness keeps large dogs secure and upright. A cord is wrapped around your dog’s neck by the restraint, which is similar to the cross-tie technique, and attached to the table arm and top on the other end.


The weight of a dog should not be able to topple your table. Even if a Siberian husky could fit on top of a lightweight hardwood folding design, it would not hold up to use since the foundation would wobble and the tabletop would eventually buckle or crack. That said, it’s best to invest in sturdy stainless steel construction as the most durable choice.


Portable and stationary grooming tables are the two most common types on the market. The portable, or fold-up designs are mainly utilised by mobile dog groomers or dog owners who care for their pets at home.

If you own a salon, stationary models like hydraulic and electric tables are perfect for you. A hydraulic model has a pedal that you must walk on in order for the tabletop to rise and fall, whereas electric designs feature a switch control that makes it simple for you to regulate the height of the table.


Every grooming table has optional extra features that you can choose from. Most can have rotating tabletops, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can go without this extra function. An under light is a feature that is incredibly useful for clipping your dog’s underbelly fur or nails since it illuminates the tabletop so you can plainly see spots that are difficult to access.

Obviously, all of these additional features cost extra. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you can get a simple model for now and add any necessary extras later.

To Sum Up

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So, there you have it – a simple guide to choosing the perfect grooming station for your salon. Not only will it make your job easier, but it also ensures the safety and comfort of the dogs you work with. So invest in a high-quality model today and watch your business thrive!