November 04, 2022 / by Danny Mavis

Although it may appear that t-shirts have been around for a long time, they were actually invented in the 19th century as a direct result of increased global cotton production. T-shirts became a cheap alternative to fancier undergarments after the invention of mechanised cotton separation reduced the price of cotton exports around the world.

T-shirts were first made by cutting one-piece “union suit” undergarments into two pieces – and they were popular primarily among industrial workers who spent all of their time in hot environments such as boiler rooms and mines.

T-Shirts vs. Tall Tees

Tall tees

T-shirts have always been a fashion industry mainstay, serving nearly every purpose from high fashion to utilitarian clothing. They can be found in uniforms, in every country, and even on the pages of fashion magazines like Vogue.

Tall design tees, also known as longline, are a relatively new innovation in the t-shirt world, but they draw on a long historical lineage. Premium casual tall tees are simply longer and more stylish t-shirts that allow wearers more flexibility and freedom while maintaining a distinct appearance like layer clothing, especially hip-hop artists and skateboard riders rely on.

The Origin of the T-Shirt

During the Spanish-American War in the late 1800s, the United States issued white cotton t-shirts (almost identical to the white crew-necked shirts that are popular today) to sailors and stevedores working in the tropical heat of Central America. This allowed people to soil only their undershirts rather than their entire uniforms, and t-shirts became popular when returning soldiers introduced them to young boys and agricultural workers during the Great Depression as a cheap alternative to fashionable clothing of the time.

The Evolution of T-Shirt Style

Ringer t-shirt

T-shirts were originally just undergarments, but with the addition of colours and graphics they quickly evolved into fashion statements. The first printed t-shirts can be seen in the old Wizard of Oz movies, and many people in the early 1900s wore t-shirts printed with the names of clothing stores or various membership organisations.

The “ringer” t-shirt, a type with different coloured fabric on the seams of the neck and arms, was the first to become popular as its own fashion design. In the 1960s, tie-dye t-shirts and screen-printed t-shirts became popular, and t-shirts became a uniquely Western way of expressing one’s own identity. They have long been associated with various “underground” movements, as well as bands, protests, and youth organisations. Not surprisingly, over time they has become the “activist shirts”.

The Tall Tee

Skateboard tall tees

The tall t-shirt evolved directly from the hip-hop movement. Hip-hop rappers and the fashion companies that supplied them popularised the wearing of increasingly large t-shirts, usually in conjunction with below-the-hips pants and a variety of other accessories. The tall t-shirt is a long t shirt designed specifically to achieve this layered “casual” look without being baggy and large in the chest/shoulders.

Because the tall tee is longer than a regular tee, it is ideal for layering over sweatshirts and thicker clothing. Following the adoption of the tall tee by the hip-hop movement, it became popular in a variety of other niches that had previously looked to the hip-hop movements for fashion inspiration. Skateboarders all over the world, for example, are wearing tall tees and many basketball fans have also adopted them due to their similarity to basketball jerseys without the high price.

How to Wear Long T-Shirts

The oversized or long t shirts can be worn by both men and women. When it comes to shoes, men typically pair them with stylish and sports sneakers or Converse. Women have mastered the sports look with high heels in recent years but also with their favourite pair of sandals or Converse.

Combined With Shorts

Tall tees and shorts

Oversized T-shirts with shorts are a lot of fun to wear. They are casual, but they make a strong fashion statement. You could wear them with blue, black, or even white denim and look fantastic. This outfit is appropriate for brunch or a casual day out shopping or running errands. It’s comfortable, stylish, and simple to put on. Oversized T-shirts with shorts are everything. Just rock the look.

Worn Over Track Pants

Oversized tees with track pants are exceptionally cosy, comfortable, and easy to wear. On days when you just want to lounge around in baggy clothes, this outfit is your best friend. These can be dressed up with caps or shades and sneakers. On cold days, you can even wear it to the gym.

Rocked Under a Leather Jacket

Tall tees and jackets

This outfit appears to be simple, casual, and stylish. This could be your go-to look this season. Wear an oversized white T-shirt with over-the-knee boots and a leather jacket to win the styling game. This look is best described as comfortable, easy-going, and rock n roll.

Dressed Up

Though oversized T-shirts seems casual, there are numerous ways to dress them up to look stylish. Belts are an excellent accessory for accomplishing this. Aside from that, layering them with pieces of denim looks great. You could add shape to your outfit by tying a knot in the front, especially if you pair this top with a fancy slip dress and get that iconic ’90s babe look. It’s all about improvising and being confident.