October 05, 2022 / by Danny Mavis

Since its introduction in the 1990s, streetwear style has been ever present on the fashion scene. What makes it so desirable are the comfortable yet fashionable clothes such as graphic t-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, and statement sneakers. The primary influences on streetwear fashion are skater culture, hip-hop culture, and intentional product scarcity.

Nowadays, casual and stylish streetwear outfits are taking over the world and everyone’s adding their own spin on them. One of the best ways to complement this style is by adding stylish streetwear sneakers. However, with the wide variety of options available online, it might be challenging to choose just one pair of sneakers. While there are hundreds of guides for women’s sneakers out there, there should be equal focus on men’s stylistic choices as well.

Pick a Trendy Pair

Nike dunks for men
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Although there’s an abundance of stylish streetwear shoes on the market, the classic Dunks shoes from Nike are an all-time favourite for many. They come in a variety of colours and designs, with both high and low tops. What’s interesting about these shoes is that they bridge the gap between fashion and sportswear.

Everyone from your neighbourhood skaters to artists and even well-known fashion celebrities wears them because they’re cosy and stylish. Whether you’re looking for some neutrals that will tone down your outfit or a splash of colour to create some visual interest, Nike Dunk Australia has the pair you need.

What’s the Difference Between Low and High Dunks?

When shopping for dunks, your first need to decide whether you want low, high, or mid-top sneakers. Although all three are equally cosy and available in a variety of colours, each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

-People love the high Dunks for their distinct design and the protection they offer. They have a timeless style that has sparked the interest of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Your ankles will be well-protected from impact thanks to the strength, softness, and bounce of these shoes. However, they weigh a little bit more than the mid and low-top models;

-Low-top Dunks shoes are a great alternative to the high dunks. They’re lightweight, cosy, and bring style to any streetwear outfit. Their only downside is the lack of ankle protection;

-Last but not least, the mid-top Dunks aren’t as popular as the previous two models. The reason for this is their widespread availability. Nonetheless, these shoes offer plenty of comfort and style for your everyday ensembles.

Make a Statement with Your Sneakers

men outfit with dunks
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The best way to style a modern streetwear outfit is by letting your sneakers stand out instead of blending them in with your clothing. I usually achieve this by choosing a unique pair of Nike Dunk Sneakers and matching them with a simple shirt and baggy trousers in muted or neutral tones. I often dress in a black sweatshirt, matching snapback, pants, and my signature Dunks with a colourful accent. I could also substitute a pair of neutral joggers for the jeans.

When you’re all in black, it’s quite simple to match your outfit with these sneakers. Black is such a widely compatible colour that it matches virtually every other colour you can think of, so choosing the perfect combination isn’t as tough as you think!

Choose a Cropped Pant

The ideal way to show off your Nike Dunk is by wearing an outfit that completely exposes them. This is especially helpful in case you’re wearing the well-known high-top sneakers. Anyone would want to show off their high heat dunks, whether they’re vintage white or scorching red. To complete your outfit, match them with some shorts, joggers, or cropped jeans.

Make Sure They Complement Your Wardrobe

Coordinating your Nike Dunk sneakers with your outfit is the simplest way to wear them. Make sure the t-shirt, sweater, or accessory you choose to wear goes well with the style of your shoes. Choosing Dunks with a distinguishing characteristic, such as a splash of vibrant colour or a tonal colour scheme that complements your clothing, is a great approach to achieving a trendy fit.

The secret to a perfect outfit is to be subtle when harmonising your colours. Avoid extremes such as having your whole outfit match or wearing all the brightest colours and choose something in-between! Choose a colour palette with subdued tones and a splash of bright colour to make the most of these streetwear shoes.

Nothing Beats a Classic Fit

Nike dunks and cargo trousers
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While I often wear all-black outfits, I also like a traditional yet effective fit. A timeless Dunks outfit that works for a variety of occasions is simple to pull off. I advise wearing your sneakers with cargo trousers, a basic t-shirt, and a varsity jacket on top for a traditional college look. You may easily transform this attire into one that’s appropriate for the office. For a chic work outfit for everyday wear – throw on a pair of straight-leg jeans or carpenter pants and a vintage blazer.

Just because Dunks are throwback basketball shoes doesn’t mean that you have to only wear them with retro or sporty attire. Feel free to style your Dunks with high-end or modern clothes. Nowadays, I frequently see people wearing them with suits and other formal outfits for a more polished look.