April 20, 2021 / by Emma Jones

One important thing to keep in mind when designing a home is that accessorizing should happen at the very end, when everything else, like wall painting and furniture, is already set up. This is the moment when you figure out the things you need to elevate your design plans to perfection.

While some decor elements change after every season, there are some must-haves that never go out of style. No matter the style of your home, whether it’s modern, traditional, Scandinavian, etc, there are some accessories that look amazing with any type of interior decor. And when you add them as accents in the room, they make the surrounding look alluring and bring warmth to the room. Here is a list of the accessories you should consider adding to your room decor to freshen up the look.

yellow throw blanket on sofa bed
Source: aliexpress.com

Throw Blanket

I’m a big fan of throw blankets, especially bamboo throws. Aside from being functional, this accessory is a style maker that adds colour, pattern and warmth to any room. Plus, it is essential when you want to snuggle up and get all comfy when lounging in your family room.

The reason why I like a bamboo throw blanket is due to its amazing features and benefits. The bamboo fabric features thermal regulation properties that keep you warm, but it’s also lightweight so it won’t smother you. It is also anti-bacterial which means a quality bamboo throw blanket will remain odour-free even after repeated use. It is also hypo-allergenic and great for sensitive skin.

While there are lots of ways to use a throw blanket, the sofa is one of the most common spots to add this cozy accessory. Try beginning with your throw blanket folded, both edges on the underside, meeting the middle. Lay it on your sofa in this position and then scrunch it casually to give it an effortless tossed look. For chaise lounges, try folding your throw lengthwise, then in half, and angle it on the corner of the edge of your seat cushion, Thin blankets work better for this.

You can also use a throw blanket to set the mood of your bedroom. Drape a throw in an interesting print over a headboard for a new, fun look. If you have a neutral chair in your bedroom, add colour to it with one or two throw blankets draped over the chair. You can also use a throw to make your adding look more personal. Just fold it lengthwise and drape it across the end of the bed.

When planning a romantic party, consider having it in your wonderful outdoor corner. Then drape some throws over the outdoor furniture for a cozy feeling and light up some candles.

coffee table with books and flowers
Source: tlcinteriors.com.au

Flower Vases

This is probably the most simple way to accessorize your home as well as the most romantic way to dazzle any empty corner. Consider adding flowers that would complement your room’s colour palette. For example, a yellow orchid would look breathtaking with coral linen-covered walls. If adding fresh flowers isn’t an option, consider getting lifelike flowers that act similar to fresh ones.


If you think that your walls are missing something, it could be a mirror. Whether you want to adorn your bed, the fireplace, the dining table or the sofa, a mirror helps create the best focal point you may have ever thought of. A mirror can also be used to help make a room looks larger as it reflects the room back, making it appear more spacious.

mirror on the wall in the bedroom
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Art Pieces

Another easy home decor idea is to hang unique art pieces on the walls. From print wall art to hand-painted pieces to posters and more, artwork can make a house feel like home.

Before mounting any artwork, your should figure out where everything should be placed and the right way to hang it. The art you select should be the right size and scale for the wall you are decorating. Picture frames should be kept spatially related to and in proportion with a piece of furniture in the room. For example, hang a 1.20m painting above a 1.50m sofa. In addition to looking not proportional to the room, random artwork can also make a room appear cluttered.

Consider getting wall art print unframed so you can have it framed in your own way. Plus, print wall art on canvas is a decor classic and can fit naturally any decor style or interior designs – whether it is traditional, modern/contemporary, or transitional. You can bring any design idea to life by using canvas prints as well as choose from a wide range of sizes and shapes. Whatever it is that you plan to do, you can make it happen with canvas prints.

Also, make sure to keep things proportionate. In order for your eyes to rest comfortably on your wall, you need to leave a certain amount of white space between each frame. Keep around 2 and 4 centimetres between smaller frames and 4 and 6 centimetres between larger ones. The frames shouldn’t seem like they’re floating away from each other, but they also shouldn’t appear squeezed together. Picking two or three colours like black and gold or silver and white will help the display look coordinated, even if the pictures inside don’t match as much.