December 28, 2020 / by Emma Jones

Don’t eat late, don’t consume caffeine late, reduce daytime naps… these are some of the things you should practice in order to improve your sleep. Now, since having a good night’s sleep can contribute to improving your mental health, reorganising the bedroom (if needed, of course) and making it more relaxing and peaceful can certainly help you with all of this.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Things

Since your bedroom should be your peaceful haven, the place in your home where you can unwind and destress, keeping it well-organised and clean is important. Instead of keeping unnecessary things like old souvenirs, old-fashioned tapestries and even clothes, focus on keeping only what you need. Reorganising and cleaning the bedroom on a regular basis will make it a cleaner and more serene environment for you to rest in. Take control in your hands and make sure that each and every little thing in your bedroom has its own place. By doing this every now and then, you will figure out that not only the room can impact your mental health, but the decluttering process itself can be therapeutic as well.

bedroom decor bed with decorative pillows and bedding armchair and side table with books and lamp

Create A Relaxing Nook

One of the oldest methods to destress and relax is reading. This way, you can disconnect from reality for a moment and transport yourself mentally to another environment. But instead of reading in the bed and risking falling asleep, you should create your very own relaxing nook. All you need is a small table, a reading lamp and comfy modern seating. In fact, the modern chair is one of the most important things that may contribute to creating a relaxing nook. A wingback design chair, a wingback design rocking chair, and an occasional armchair are some of the comfiest models of modern seating for this purpose.

Being the epitome of sophistication, elegance and luxury, these ‘designer chairs‘ would be a great way to add to the look of your bedroom while aiding your mental health. Usually made of solid hardwood and padded for extra comfort, each of these chairs can help you feel more comfortable even when reading for hours. For an improved experience, you can also add an ottoman on which you can rest your legs whenever needed.

When choosing a rocking model, you can pick one that comes with a set of straight legs. This will enable you to convert it into a classic accent chair. Regardless of your choice, it’s important to pick the right size. The colour of the chair can also play a huge role, so make sure you choose a calming and relaxing hue.

relaxing grey accent chair with ottoman and reading lamp in the bedroom


When you soothe your senses, the body and mind can relax as well. It seems that one of the most natural and commonly used ways of relaxing is through aromatherapy. The calming and pleasant scents of certain essential oils can reduce anxiety by setting the mood and creating a peaceful environment. While scented candles can do the job to a certain point, it is the diffused essential oils that can improve your health and well-being. You can choose from a large selection of aromatherapy diffusers, and some of them can even emit a soothing light. This can contribute even more to creating a zen zone.

Let Natural Light Come In

Although blackout curtains are needed in the evening to create a more relaxing ambience, you need to feel the power of daylight to boost your mood and energy level. This can be easily achieved by installing sheers. You can keep them open throughout the day to get the much-needed dose of sunlight inside your home and close them at night to increase privacy.

lovely bedroom with beige bed and bedding set with leaves

Change the Lighting

Having too many bright bulbs in the bedroom may be one of the main reasons why you can’t fall asleep after you’ve turned off the lights. So, instead of using only the central light in the bedroom, you should use smaller nightstand lamps as they can emit a softer light. For even better results, you can choose lampshades that are lined on the inside with a metallic or gold coating. This can create a softer glow which is much better than bright ceiling light.