July 26, 2021 / by Emma Jones

Regardless of your style, no outfit is ever complete without the appropriate bag. Besides complementing your outfit and stylish accessories, bags are very handy when it comes to keeping your wallet, phone, keys, make-up and all the daily necessities while you’re on the go. Choosing the right bag for you might be overwhelming due to the different types, styles and designs they come in. But worry not, we’re here to help.

What Exactly Do You Need?

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A good handbag is one that complements your lifestyle fits your dressing style and look gorgeous at the same time. This is why it’s important to consider what kind of handbag you need and where will you most commonly use it.

For instance, if you drive to work every day and don’t walk huge distances, you can go for a bigger bag. However, if you use public transport or walk to work, you might want to opt for a lighter model that won’t be too heavy to wear.

Aside from that, make sure you consider everything you carry in your handbag. If you’re in a need of one to accommodate your wallet, keys and your favourite lipstick only, then a smaller handbag will be more than perfect. But if you’re a busy corporate woman that needs to carry your laptop and work documents every day along with your personal stuff, then make sure you go for a large, sturdy and high-quality bag that has enough compartments.

Choose a Reputable Brand

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Once you determine the right model for your needs, go for a reputable handbag brand that will offer great value for your money. Talking about reputable handbag brands Australian ladies adore, don’t hesitate to explore the huge range of Cellini bags online and find the perfect option for you.

Cellini is one of the rare local companies that produce high-quality bags for women that was established as an iconic label in 1990. Thanks to their innovative and practical designs and the use of high-quality materials, Cellini manages to continually set new standards in the Australian fashion industry.

Cellini’s mission is to provide every well-dressed lady with a functional and aesthetically pleasing bag suitable for daily wear and more formal occasions as well. But aside from their distinctive non-leather bags for women, Cellini also extended their collection to wallets and business leather goods for men to celebrate their longevity in the Australian marketplace. So, if you want to join the group of ladies with an eye for quality and fashion, you can always order Cellini bags online or find them in your closest department store.

Pick a High-Quality Material

 Cellini purse
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As we already mentioned before, one of the greatest reasons that make Cellini handbags the number one choice in Australia is that they’re made from high-quality leather materials. But regardless if you have decided to get a superior Cellini purse or chose another brand for yourself, know that the most high-quality handbags are made of leather. At this point, you have to decide whether you want a bag made of real or man-made leather.

When it comes to real leather handbags, there’s no doubt that many people are opposed to wearing real leather since it’s made of animal skin. This is where faux leather handbags come in. Not only do they offer the same quality and durability as the real leather ones, but they’re also a much cheaper variant for your wallet. Aside from that, faux leather handbags are so versatile and they’re hard to tell from real leather.

Besides the popular leather materials, there are many bags that are made of synthetic fabrics such as bamboo, raffia or canvas materials. Keep in mind though that these materials are not very durable and will tear quickly.

Get the Right Shape and Size

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When choosing a handbag, many women will opt for the current fashion trends without considering what works best for them. However, always keep in mind your needs, your style and your body shape. For instance, if your lifestyle requires wearing formal outfits on a daily basis, then it’s best to go for a well structured and good-quality handbag. But if jeans and sweatpants are your best friends, they look best when paired with slouchy, unstructured and more casual bags.

Furthermore, when shopping, look for bags that won’t look out of proportion with your body. If you’re short, avoid oversized handbags as they’ll overwhelm your entire look and make you look even smaller. On the other hand, taller and bigger women should avoid smaller bags, since they tend to emphasize their body size more.

Also, if you’re blessed with a curvy body, make sure you emphasize it with a structured bag with straight lines. But if you’re thin and not that curvy, then a gondola or any type of uniquely shaped bag will go better with your physique.

Pick the Right Colour

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The last step of the buying process is picking the right colour for your new handbag. Most women go for the classic black handbag since it’s the safest choice and matches almost every outfit. But if black is not your colour, opt for vivid tones that match your wardrobe’s colour palette. Colours such as browns, beiges, creams and dark reds are always a great choice. With the many handbag styles, shapes and colours, make sure to choose a model that you really like and feel comfortable wearing frequently.