May 02, 2023 / by Danny Mavis

Most workplaces indeed have their hazards you need to be aware of, but some are more hazardous than others. Sure, the office can take its toll on the workers with a poorly designed workstation, causing discomfort and RSI (repetitive strain injury), and even injuries from handling and lifting office supplies. But, if we compare it to a workplace where there’s handling, lifting, and transporting of liquids, like farming and agriculture, automotive industry, construction and manufacture of some sort, or even petroleum production – there’s no doubt which poses more health risks.

One of the main risks in such settings is the spillage of dangerous materials. Although IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) are utilised in various industrial workplaces because they’re created for the purpose of storing and transporting liquids, and in some cases even powders, accidents can still happen.

Why worry about spilling dangerous and flammable bulk liquids all over the work area, or even on the road, when you can go the extra mile protection-wise with reliable IBC bunds designed to contain leaks and spills? This type of equipment is part of a safe and productive workspace much like the investment in PPE, cleaning supplies, and material handling and access equipment.

Why Buy an IBC Bund?

IBC bund

First of all, it’s an essential piece especially if you care about your budget and want to avoid hefty fines considering there are laws and regulations for storing, handling and transporting liquids. This is especially true if you’re dealing with hazardous substances, and you need to make sure they don’t result in any spills.

Even if you work only with non-hazardous substances, bundling is still recommended to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Moreover, you’d also get to avoid unnecessary costs that arise from having to clean up a huge messy spill that can take up some of your precious time that could otherwise be spent on other essential tasks. Although it may not be too apparent, this kind of equipment can boost your company’s efficiency if you look into the fact a bunded pallet can easily be moved with forklifts and pallet trucks without causing employees any physical strain or injury.

So, in addition to preventing leaks and spillages during transport, or even during accidents, these crucial industrial workplace pieces can be for the benefit of you, your company, its reputation and budget, your employees, as well as the environment since they contain risks of cross-contamination. Still, despite the fact they’re designed to serve you with long periods of storage and transport safety and containment of liquids, and they come in durable and sturdy designs, it’s a must to check them for damages before and after every use.

How to choose an IBC Bund?

IBC bunding

Same as the IBCs, the specialised IBC bunds are designed from different materials for different purposes, so you can easily find those that are flexible made from plastic like polypropylene, and those that are rigid made from metal like steel. There’s also a third option that’s heavy-duty steel.

Depending on what it is you need them for, the specific type of liquids you work with, and whether or not you move them frequently, you can choose from these three options, with the first being suitable for corrosive chemicals, the second for flammable, and the third for flammable and combustible chemicals. For the moving, Moreover, based on how many IBCs you plan on using them for, you’ve got the single and double bunding types.

They also differ in their sizes and capacities, so it’s important to look into both before choosing the ideal model for you as it would mean getting it right for the weight and size of the IBCs you work with as well as the number of goods you mainly deal with. Then, moving forward, you can decide on the adequate features of IBC bunding as you have spill funnels suitable as decanting aids and debris strainers, covers for weather protection when the bunds are used outdoors, and dispensing trays for chemicals to choose from.

There’s extra protection from cross-contamination in the form of framed cover too. If you can afford to, it’s best to buy each of these as they’re all useful and could further increase your workplace’s safety. All in all, you won’t make a mistake if you stick to a reliable store that can provide you with the advice you need with the selection of this equipment, and supply you with the designs that are created to be compliant with the strict Australian standards.

Lastly, ensuring you buy from a trusted supplier means you have the guarantee the products are of utmost quality, have undergone thorough testing, and can offer you the safety your company requires for the liquids. Such suppliers can even offer you advice on which product would be most suitable, and help you find what you need in case you’re having trouble acquiring the model that meets your specific industrial requirements.