July 19, 2022 / by Emma Jones

Not many people realise how a healthy sleeping schedule in a comfortable bed can improve their life. During sleep, our body and brain rest and regenerate. However, besides sleeping 7 hours a day, you’ll also need a comfortable mattress to feel energised. It’s important to know your sleeping position to choose the best mattress for your bed. Just imagine waking up rested and refreshed under a stylish bed frame with gorgeous drapes and above a king size mattress that hugs every part of your body.

Now let’s help you out find a mattress that will meet your needs and will make you feel as if you’re sleeping on cloud nine.

King-Size Mattress

couple sitting on a king size mattress
source: casper.com

This mattress type can comfortably fit at least two people and has some space available for, let’s say, a small child or a pet. This is a great choice for people who love to twist, turn, and have a lot of room without interrupting their partner’s sleep. The standard Australian dimensions for these cozy king size mattresses are 183cm x 203cm. It takes the same space as putting two twin beds together and it’s suited for couples.

Before going out and buying one, always do your research. Go to unbiased websites and learn about other people’s experiences, the available materials, how the mattress is constructed, what kind of support it has and why people chose that specific type of mattress. Ask about warranties and talk to retailers about everything you want to know. These mattresses look very luxurious and inviting in a big, spacious bedroom. So, if you have a small bedroom, we don’t recommend getting this size; it will overwhelm the room and leave no space for anything else.

Queen-Size Mattress

queen size bed in bedroom
source: elledecor.com

The beautiful queen-size mattresses offer you comfort and convenience that others can’t. They’re very durable and made from high-quality materials. The queen mattresses are made from various materials, including foam and latex, which give amazing support to your back and spine. Its standard dimensions in Australia are 153cm x 203cm. This gives you enough room to spread out on the bed and enjoy sleep. It will fit good in guest rooms, bigger bedrooms and smaller master bedrooms, and it’s cheaper when you compare it to the king-sized mattress.

The best time to buy these mattresses is when they’re on sale. This happens a few times in one year, and you have the chance to get yourself a fantastic sleeping experience. They can be made from memory foam, adjustable air or innerspring. If you have the opportunity, always try them out. Lay down for a few minutes on it to feel if it’s the suitable material, size and firmness. Check for return policies, warranties and replacements. Always buy from an authorised dealer with a good market rating and many satisfied customers.

Factors to Consider


woman sleeping on king size bed comfortably
source: gregorybknapp.com

Comfort is one of the most crucial factors that should be considered when buying a bed. Even if you bought the most expensive thing you found at the store, or the salesperson recommended it to you, if you come home from a hard day and you don’t feel good in your bed, it’s all in vain. Therefore, before buying, take a trial to see if it helps you sleep better and is it good enough. Whether you purchase a king mattress or a regular queen mattress is irrelevant. The most important aspect that needs to be considered, in this case, is comfort.


You should consider the price as a factor next. As you may know, buying a mattress is a long-term investment that should be smartly made and save you money in the long run. As we said, queen-sized mattresses are less pricy than king size mattresses. But to get a good picture of the price range, go to as many shops, and visit as many online sites as you can. Comparing the prices will help you make the best possible decision and buy the mattress that’s within your budget.

Size of the Bedroom

The size of the bedroom is another essential factor to consider. It will be difficult to fit the bed in your room if you don’t choose your mattress correctly. The queen-size mattress is ideal for people who do not have a large bedroom. they can be equally as comfortable as king-sized ones. If you put a king-sized bed in a small room, there won’t be any room left for anything else. And if your bedroom is big, choosing a small bed would make it look disproportional.

Your Partner

couple sleeping together
source: chefirvine.com

Although it may seem strange, the person who will be sharing your bed with you has a big influence on your decision. If you frequently sleep with a partner, it’s crucial to comprehend their needs. However, if you live alone, you don’t need to be concerned about that; thus, in that case, we advise choosing a queen bed. Nothing is better than a king bed if you sleep with a pet or a spouse who prefers a private space. It is the ideal option because it is spacious.

Sleeping Position

Choose the king-size bed if you are a combination sleeper because it gives you more room to move around. But a queen-sized one will be perfect if you’re a calm sleeper. Think about this because it can be very uncomfortable for your partner if you keep kicking them through the night.


Moving a king-sized bed can be very challenging, especially if the house is smaller. Many people don’t take this factor into consideration and regret the purchase later. If you’re not planning to move anytime soon, the bigger option would be good, but if you’re a regular traveller, a queen-sized mattress would be better.