February 08, 2017 / by Emma Jones

Do you want to feel like royalty in your king-sized bed? I suggest you crown it with just the perfect frame to achieve the desired look. A stylish bed frame can really influence your overall sleeping experience and can make a lot of difference in your overall bedroom design. The wide choice of bed frames on the market makes it easy for everyone to find the piece that suits their preferences best. If you’re not exactly familiar with all the different bed frame styles, here are some of the most popular ones.

Canopy Bed

I just love this romantic style of bed frames! It reminds me a lot of the many history movies I’ve seen as a little girl where all the beautiful princesses slept in beds just like this one. Not only do the curtains of this bed style add a bit of a romantic mood to the room, but they are also perfect for creating a cozier ambiance to fall asleep. The canopy can also make a fashion statement and be the main focus in a simple bedroom if the curtains have an interesting pattern or colour. If you go for this frame, make sure to measure your room’s hight and the dimensions of the canopy beforehand to do it all right.

Four-poster Bed

Antique style enthusiasts have gone crazy after this type of a bed frame. It’s a key element of the British colonial style. You may find the terms four-poster and canopy interchangeable, however, the posts of four-poster beds are meant for visual purposes only, not for draping curtains over them. The posts come in many designs, from simple bare to ones full with intricate details. The typical four-poster bed has posts as high as a meter and a half. But if the height of the posts seems intimidating to you, there is a less drastic alternative – the low poster bed. It’s essentially a four poster bed, only with cute short posts.

Upholstered Bed

This one is for those of you who find comfort essential. Kiss the headaches from bumping into the bed frame goodbye! The thick upholstery offers the ultimate cushioning while sitting up in the bed, reading a book, checking the social media or working on your laptop. If you are a fan of exquisite textiles, go for a custom-made frame. This frame offers you the chance to present your creative side, so if you are one who likes to make a statement, pick a frame with a bold and colourful pattern – it will breath life into your bedroom. However, if you are one who cherishes the serenity of the room you spend your nights in, then go for a solid neutral – it will offer you flexibility if you want to make changes to the rest of the room later.

I know we are all different and we all have different tastes, however, what we all share is our love of the extremely important Zzz’s. The right bedroom environment can influence the quality of our sleep very positively. There is not much to think about it, choose one of these stylish bed frames and create your own dreamy escape from the world.