January 12, 2021 / by Danny Mavis

Tactical Gear Overview

You’ll always come across people who love dressing up in military clothing and stinging themselves up with tactical equipment as if there’s a war going on. Though to some it may seem as an act of paranoia and waste of resources, good equipment could help you survive in case of civil unrest or a natural calamity. At the very least, it would be a great set of tools for an extreme camping trip.

Tactical gear, being the equipment used by people in law enforcement, and the military, is made for them to perform their duties efficiently, making it extremely durable, precise and practical. Ranging from flashlights, pocket knives, bulletproof vests, night-vision goggles, to navigation equipment and such, tactical gear has multiple uses in civilian life, so let’s examine some of these items.

jet beam light


A good flashlight is the difference between life and death. In the field, soldiers rely on this portable source of light with their very lives. Not only does it illuminate their path through rough terrain, but allows for greater precision during indoor raids. Of course, we know the army didn’t invent the flashlight, but these high quality, durable, high powered jetbeam torches are often also used in the civilian sector. Jetbeam torches are specifically designed flashlights for tactical use and hunting. A single torch has a max output of 2000 lumens and a beam distance of up to 390m. Waterproof down to below 2 meters and with battery life ranging to a couple of days on a single charge, these flashlight form a literal jet beam of light with the power of a large strobe light. They run off of a high-rate 21700 power battery and features USB Type-C charging, a power indicator, 5 brightness levels, impact resistance up to 1 meter.

Due to their powerful light output, these jetbeam flashlights have several lighting modes:

  • Eco: 15 Lumens – 120 Hours
  • Low: 85 Lumens – 25 Hours
  • Medium: 380 Lumens – 6.5 Hours
  • High: 1100 Lumens – 2 Hours
  • Turbo: 2000 Lumens – 1.9 Hours
  • Strobe: 2000 Lumens
  • Impact resistant: 1 m

With such impressive features, no wonder civilians go after them like children in a candy store. Due to their compact size and low weight, the jetbeam tactical flashlight is perfect for hunting and camping. Its uses can extend to urban areas and even home use. Who doesn’t want to own a durable flashlight that won’t fail the exact moment the power does as well. Pricy, sure, but you can’t put a value on vision in the dark when all other lights are out. It’s not about it being a cool piece of tech, it’s about it being a well-functioning powerful gadget that can light up a small village at a push of a button.

tactical backpack

Tactical Backpack

This is another civilian known object that’s been upgraded for field use. Currently being a hit in the carry market, these backpacks are sturdy and convenient to use, not to mention being designed for war and difficult situations. This makes them some of the most durable bags on the market, meaning you can use them to carry your things securely and efficiently, for an extended time.

These usually fall into several different types of tactical bags, one of them being hunting backpacks. Hunters tend to require the equipment. With all that hiding in bushes, dealing with difficult terrain, and stalking game for hours, you don’t want to spill your gear at the first prickly bush you scratch up against. Most hunting backpacks have pockets for water bottles and gun holsters, with some having a rifle holder.

Another type is the travel backpack, which is ideal for nature lovers and serial hikers. Perfect for long-distance walks, they have several functional features such as breathable backs, solid padded and adjustable shoulder straps with large roomy compartments inside.

Lastly, we have the range backpack that has different compartments for guns, shells, and other items such as goggles and helmets, making them perfect for gun ranges and paintball games.

folding knife

Folding Knife

Tactical folding knives and multitools are essential for military personnel, law enforcement agents, and firefighters. Not only sharp, but compact and durable, these knives are ideal for handling difficulties in the field such as cutting through vines, animal carcasses and tough surfaces, yet being small and securely placed in your back pocket. The more swiss army knife features the knife, the more uses it can have outside the field. Anything from home repair, to item disassembly, to cutting some fish before the fire, tactical knives are some of the finest blades out there and I dare anyone to find a better knife for the prices they’re going for.

military watches

Military Watch

When it comes to hand watches for the extreme conditions of the outside world, nothing can beat a military watch. With them being the perfect combination of resilience and utility, ideal for survivalists, this watches can withstand lots of shocks and wear and tear and remain ticking through all of it. If you want to be perfectly synchronized while hiking, swimming or simply staying at home, there are very few top market brands that can compete with a military-grade tactical watch.

army wear

Army Wear

Lastly, we get to army clothing. Besides a staple for fashion in the 90s, these pieces of clothing usually found in army surplice stores are made to withstand a lot more wear and tear than any other normal piece of clothing. Ranging from tactical boots to a T-shirt and army pants, the regular army wear is great for any outdoor activity where you need your clothes to breath, yet stay on you during the course of your day.

The normal wear is good and all, but when we get to the special items, is where things get interesting. Harsh condition military clothing may be the best clothing on the planet. Made to withstand the elements, the heat, the cold, moisture, dust and nearly everything nature can throw at them. Such are tactical jackets, navy seal boots and marine caps.