November 19, 2020 / by Danny Mavis

Multi tools are well known for their versatility, reliability and overall function. It doesn’t matter if you are out in the woods camping or using it for everyday carry – these pieces of gear can offer saving grace in a range of situations.

What Is a Multi Tool?

Multi tools come with different blades suitable for different scenarios. They usually come with a blade, a bottle or a can opener, a file, pliers, scissors, and a wire cutter. All these gizmos make this gadget highly functional and versatile.

What Is a Multi Tool Used For?


Cutting Items

A high-quality and reliable multi tool usually comes with strong knives and scissors perfect for light tasks such as cutting food and ropes during an outdoor adventure. Although the knives in these tools cannot be compared with regular pocket knives in their strength, they can still be of great value in certain cases. The blades are sharp and the size is dictated by the size of the multi-tool.

Screwing and Unscrewing

Trying to screw or unscrew bolts without a screwdriver can be quite tricky and almost impossible. Multi-tools usually come with a couple of options suitable for bigger and smaller sizes of bolts.

Gripping Items With Pliers

Whether home or outdoors, pliers have a range of uses. Pulling off small items from surfaces is their main purpose, but pliers can also be used for fold or chip items like tiles or wires. When buying a multi-tool, choose a sizeable one to obtain a balance between strength and portability.

Bottle and Can Opening

We all need to open a can or a bottle every now and then, which is why choosing a multi-tool that has this option can be beneficial. It can be either an attached or separate one, but it needs to be strong enough to deal with the pressure of opening a bottle or a can. Tools made of hardened and noncorrosive metal are the best to avoid bending or contamination through rust.




This is a small yet efficient tool with multiple features, its main benefit is its stability. Each of its tools is properly sized and designed to suit their purpose. Although it can be hard to find the specific tool you need at times, a regular multi-tool is one of the best assets to have when outdoors.


Smaller and more compact multi-tools that are highly portable. These are easier to carry and hide in public but the smaller size of the utensils makes them harder to use at first. So, practice using your keychain multi-tool a few times before taking it out with you.

Credit Card

This type of multi-tool transforms your wallet into a fully functional device, but it isn’t recommended for camping. Credit card multi-tools feature a sharp edge that can be used as a bottle opener blade, a ruler, and to cut some small wrenches. The idea behind these gadgets is high functionality on the go.


Which Multitool Blade to Use for What


This blade is the most important to have in your multi-tool. Pliers come in various sizes and shapes and are used for purposes such as cutting and twisting wires, loosen or tighten bolts and removing tacks and nails.


A tool with a cutting edge between the handle. While smaller than usual, the knives in multi-tools are great for small cutting tasks. If the size of the knife is a problem, you can get a pocket knife to accommodate our needs. This blade is useful for cutting strings, opening letters and boxes and loosen stuck objects.


Almost all multi-tools come with a single flat-head screwdriver, but generally, only high-quality multi-tools will have a Phillips screwdriver included. While you may be fine only with a flat-head screwdriver, a model that comes with both drivers will sure increase efficiency and save you time installing and removing screws.

Bottle Opener

You’ll need this blade to remove metal caps from bottles. Some multi-tools will also include corkscrews, which allow you to remove the plastic stopper or corks from wine bottles. You may not use this blade all the time, but any multitool with its value should include a bottle opener for improved convenience.


Some individuals complain that scissors are too small to do most tasks, but scissors can be quite helpful when outdoors to remove string, trim fingernails and cutting paper. Be creative and make the most use out of your gadgets.