August 19, 2021 / by Danny Mavis

It’s a fact, having a well-made flashlight to take with you while you’re on the go or out and about in the wilderness, will make you safer and more prepared for whatever nature might throw your way. 

There are various models of flashlights on the market but LED technology is arguably one of the best ones. Extremely eco-friendly, efficient, durable, and easy to use, LED torches are something you should definitely consider when buying a flashlight to use on your camping trip, on a night out, or just when you need a reliable source of light for chores around the garage.

A quality-made LED flashlight will provide you with countless hours of luminosity for an extremely fair price. Finding one is a breeze, as shops that stock LED flashlights are a common thing throughout Australia. However, it’s important to mention that not all shops are the same. There are significant differences between the quality of stocked goods between one shop and the other, so it’s very important to look into what is actually a good flashlight before buying. Brands, lumens, types – it all matters. 

Once you find a well-stocked, quality LED torch shop, things get pretty easy. However, to elevate your experience, you can also stock up on some important accessories for your flashlight. Here is a list of flashlight accessories everyone should have.


A Well-Made Case

LED torches can be made from various different materials and come in a variety of sizes. A well-made, sturdy body is one thing you should always look for, no matter whether your torch is rechargeable or has single-use batteries. Additions like non-slip cover materials, grip ribs, and more are also always welcome as they will result in even simpler and safer handling. 

However, just like with phones, for example, no matter how good the body of the product is, it’s always a good idea to have it protected from accidental falls, scratches, the elements, and so on. That’s why I highly recommend buying a case, or a holster alongside any LED torch you purchase. 

LED torch holsters are made with safety and practicality in mind, so their design is simple while their performance is elite. Usually simple enough to make taking the torch out and putting it back in a breeze, they are also made out of materials that protect from moisture, dust, falls, and so on. A strong nylon compound is probably one of the best materials out there when it comes to flashlight holsters. One thing you need to look out for when buying a holster is its dimensions so you can be sure it will fit the torch you have. 

Cases are usually made with different models in mind, but can also accommodate other torches of similar build, so look into them carefully before buying. You can also consult an LED torch shop employee to make absolutely sure the case you’re looking into will house your torch just right. 


Specialized Charger 

Even though single-use battery torches offer great performance, rechargeable ones are a bit of a better idea, especially when you’re heading into the great outdoors for a while, as they can offer a safer and simpler user experience for you. However, as they are rechargeable, you’re going to need to take a charger with you to ensure your torch is always ready to go. 

Since many of these torches use Li-Ion batteries, they also may feature standard charging ports, so using your phone’s charger might seem like a good idea. Even though it is, and it does make things more practical, it’s actually not that great of an idea. Depending on what size of battery the torch features, you may be damaging it when charging it with an unsuitable charger and diminishing its capacity with every charge until you eventually render it unusable. 

That’s why I’d highly recommend getting a specialized charger for your Li-Ion torch batteries. Various models are available, depending on the type of Li-Ion battery your torch uses, and they all come at very reasonable prices. These chargers are quite simple to use and will definitely protect the longevity of your torch while offering fast charging, all at the same time. 


Remote Switches 

Not everybody will need a remote switch for their LED flashlight, but those needing to mount the torch on something to get a better view or need to have a torch fixed in one place to offer luminosity over an area should definitely look into getting one. Remote switches feature a multi-mode pressure type of usage where you attach the switch to your torch and are able to access all the different output modes remotely and with ease. 

Usually waterproof, remote switches are made to last, with a lifetime of hundreds of thousands of clicks. They are also very easy to mount onto the end of your torch and significantly extend to offer control from various distances. Giving your portable torch the features of a common household lamp, these switches are helpful to take with you when hunting, camping, or hiking. Great to use with mounting gear, they really make switching from one mode of luminosity to another quick, easy, and super-convenient.