January 27, 2021 / by Emma Jones

One of the most common misconceptions most people have is that we can eliminate neck and back pain by simply investing in ergonomic office products like an ergonomic monitor arm, an ergonomic office chair, mouse, laptop stand, etc. And while it is true that they can significantly improve your posture, have you considered the type of bed and mattress that you sleep on every single night? Investing in a quality bed matters big time and can benefit you in more than just one way. One of the most common choices today is adjustable beds.

What Is an Adjustable Bed?

Also known as a reclining bed, an adjustable bed enable you to adjust the bed frame’s position to find the most comfortable one for your current needs. Although usually associated with hospital beds, bedroom electric beds can come in a wide variety of contemporary designs and styles. Whether you’re reading a book, watching TV or just preparing for sleeping, you can easily get in your desired position with the push of a button.

adjustable bed for bedroom with side table pillow throw and decorative frame
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Benefits of Investing in an Electronic Bed

Improved Sleep

Since reclining beds are highly adjustable, you can easily find the best position for your body that will give you the needed comfort. Thanks to its reclining feature, any pressure on the spine will be removed, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. So, if you’re wondering do adjustable beds help back pain, you’ll be happy to hear that yes, they do. A high-quality reclining bed can keep your spine properly aligned, as well as your overall body, leaving no room for discomfort or pain.

Improves Respiratory Discomfort

Whether we like it or not, all of us can snore in a certain period of our life or in certain sleeping positions. Although it’s mainly related to sleep apnea, snoring can also occur when sleeping flat on your back because of blocked airways. Luckily, this can be easily resolved by sleeping in a raised but comfortable sleeping position.

Some people use pillows to support their back when sleeping in a raised position, however, this is not a permanent solution since you’re bound to experience discomfort and pain after some time. By using an electric bed to sleep in a raised position, you will not only increase the oxygen in your body during sleep, but you will also wake up with no physical pain thanks to the great body support these pieces of furniture provide.

a woman reading a book on an adjustable bed
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Relieves Joint Pain

Sleeping in a comfortable position might provide you with joint pain relief. Finding the right sleeping position can improve your blood flow and circulation which can lead to joint pain relief. Depending on the model you choose, some of these beds can also provide you with a head and foot vibrating massage which would be more than welcomed if you are looking for ways to improve your blood flow.

Convenient and Flexible

Unlike conventional bedroom beds, reclining beds can give you full control over your sleeping position. In case you and your partner love sleeping in different positions, you can invest in a dual adjustable bed. This one allows you to find the most comfortable position for you without disturbing your partner and vice versa.

How Much Is an Adjustable Bed?

The price of adjustable beds mainly depends on the model, its quality and the brand. Generally speaking, a reclining bed can cost somewhere between $1000 and $3500. The price can also depend on the fact whether you have chosen a dual electric bed, with or without a mattress.

family laying on an adjustable bed
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What Is Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed?

When choosing a mattress for your new adjustable bed, flexibility and durability are the main things you should have in mind. The right matters for a bed of this kind should bend and flex while also providing you with the needed support. The two most popular types are memory foam and latex mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattress

Over the years, memory foam has proved to be the best material for both pillows and mattresses. This mattress can conform to your body’s shape while evenly supporting your weight. This can certainly eliminate any type of discomfort and pain.

Latex Mattresses

Just like memory foam, these mattresses are also made of foam and have similar properties. They are also great in preventing pain. The main difference between latex and memory foam mattresses is that the former type is more rigid.