May 18, 2020 / by Emma Jones

Though summer is officially over, it’s still warm enough to enjoy autumn days in sweet reminiscing of the months that just passed by. I’m truly fond of summer, and I always think it goes by in the blink of an eye, while other seasons take ages to pass… Well, if you too are a summer child, there are a few easy solutions that can help you create a more summery feel in your home. Infusing the home with such vibes can be a kind of consolation till our favourite season comes back. Here’s how.

bamboo tropical wallpaper
Source: Natty & Polly – Wallpaper

Tropical Wallpaper

Wallpapers are back and trending! Adding a wallpaper is one of the most affordable way to infuse a room with a different feel. For the purpose of creating a summer vibe, you’ll need to choose one of the tropical wallpapers. These can really add a resort-like quality to your space.

Now since tropical wallpapers are eye-catching in and of themselves, there’s no need to go overboard and cover your walls completely. Instead, you should go with an accent wall. That way, you can add a bit of tropical vibes in more than one room without overdoing it.

tropical jungle wallpaper
Source: Wayfair

A wallpaper with palm trees would make a great addition for your bath or beside the bed in the bedroom. One with flamingos, on the other hand, can be perfect for behind the sofa in your living room. Also, you can cover the two walls in the hallway with cockatoos – don’t be surprised if your home gets a luxurious feel, same as you’d expect to see in luxurious hotels.

Moreover, wallpapers are useful when you want to add interest in your home without the use of artworks. Also, they can make impact how big or small a room appears – big patterns can make a room appear smaller, whereas small patterns have the opposite effect. What’s more, dark hues add more drama, intimacy and closeness, whereas bright ones add light, warmth and airiness. In order to create a summery feel, needless to say, you need bright ones.

Vibrant Textures

There’s no doubt that textures are the finishing touch in an interior décor since they add interest and can make the area feel more homely with the variety of fabrics and designs available.

Again, to be able to bring the summer in, you’ll need to choose tropical patterns and colours, so fresh hues like green, pink, orange and blue are more than welcome. However, a word of caution is not to go overboard as it can easily turn into an eye-sore, in which case I’d recommend mixing vibrant textures with solid colours.

For example, tropical cushions, rugs and curtains are all great and work perfect when paired with white furniture, like white sofa, armchair, coffee table, side tables and bedside tables in Hamptons design, because it provides an airy feel, instead of cramming the space with too much visual information.

tropical cushions
Source: Pinterest

Even if you don’t have furniture such as this, you could get the outcome simply by repainting your chairs and tables white or using white upholstry for your sofa.

Also, fabrics aren’t the only things you can use to your advantage: plants can come to the rescue with their natural textures. What better way to summer it up than by using plants? You’d be surprised how fresh your home would feel after the addition of succulents, or plants like Peace Lily that are great for air purification too.

Let There Be Light (Lots of Light)

Scandinavians know this trick very well and they use it to beat the winter blues, that’s why light is always present in their homes, from the bare wide windows and the colours used for the furniture and the walls to those of the flooring and the decorative pieces.

Another way to bring more light in your home is to add mirrors and install them opposite of your windows so they can reflect natural light. Finally, lighting fixtures with playful designs, like a palm tree floor lamp in a colour that matches the ambiance can be a great trick too.