November 10, 2023 / by Emma Jones

The little details often leave the biggest impression on your guests on your wedding day. Among the charming intricacies like unique décor elements, heartfelt notes, and engaging signage, the delicate dance of wedding favour jars takes centre stage. In this post, I’ll give you some ideas for what to fill these little jars with.

Whether you lean towards classic elegance or a rustic charm, glass candy jars as wedding favours add a sweet, personal touch to your celebration. They come in various shapes and sizes to suit your style, and you can buy them in bulk online. They’ll become keepsakes for your guests, little tokens of your big day that they will cherish. Every time they taste the jar’s contents, they’ll remember your celebration and the fun they had.

What do you put in wedding jars?

glass candy jars
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Firstly, these miniature items can become a delightful candy wonderland, and you get to curate the sweet treats that fill them. Think about your favourite candies, the ones that make your heart skip a beat. Whether it’s velvety chocolate truffles, chewy gummies, or nostalgic childhood favourites, you get to choose the sweets that go into your wedding candy jars. You can match the candy colours to your wedding theme or simply go for a whimsical mix that adds a pop of fun to your décor. Tie a ribbon or twine around the lid to secure the candy inside and add a charming touch.

Guests will love your glass candy jars like kids love to go to a candy store. It’s not just about the tasty treasures; these tiny items bring a sense of wonder and delight. As your guests indulge in these sweet delights, they’ll share moments of joy and laughter, savouring the love that fills the air on your special day.


glass candy jars
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Small, dainty glass cookie jars that hold sweetness and a warm, homely aroma are treats that hit you right in the heart. Choose your favourite cookie variety – it could be classic chocolate chip, buttery shortbread, or even a fusion of flavours that tell your unique story. Now, envision these delightful bites inside charming little jars, the lids snugly sealed to keep the goodness intact.

Cookies, after all, have a universal charm. They’re a comfort food, a symbol of sharing and indulgence. Whether you stack them on a table or arrange them as part of your table settings, these cookie-filled favours add a touch of rustic charm and sweetness to your celebration. Tie a ribbon around each jar, maybe with a tag expressing your gratitude, and you have a charming, edible keepsake.

Guests will not only appreciate the thoughtful gesture but will also be tempted to sneak a peek inside those jars, unable to resist the allure of freshly baked goodness. As they savour each bite, they’ll taste the love you poured into your wedding day.

Homemade Jam

Here’s another fantastic wedding favour idea – get some cheap candy buffet jars and fill each with a dollop of your own homemade jam. It’s like bottling up a piece of your kitchen magic and sharing it with your dear friends and family. Whether it’s the classic strawberry jam that reminds you of lazy summer afternoons or a unique blend that reflects your adventurous spirit, these favours are pure delight. The beauty of homemade jam is in the effort and love that goes into making it. Your guests will feel the warmth of your kitchen, the care you put into selecting the best fruits, and the joy of creating something special for them.

The glass sweet jars become tiny canvases, that let you get creative with presentation. Tie a rustic twine around the lid or adorn it with a swatch of vintage fabric that will add a touch of charm. It’s a small item with a big impact, an edible reminder of the love that binds you and your guests on this joyous occasion.

Bath Salts

glass candy jars
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Fill your tiny wedding jars with aromatic bath salts and they become tiny spa retreats. Inside, you can infuse them with scents that whisk you away – perhaps calming lavender for a touch of serenity, zesty citrus for a burst of energy, or a delicate floral blend to evoke a sense of romance. Your guests, after dancing the night away and celebrating your love, can retreat to their homes with a jar of relaxation. Tie a ribbon around the lid, maybe with a tag that says, “Relax and Unwind,” and these items turn into practical and aesthetically pleasing gifts.

As your guests run a warm bath and sprinkle those fragrant salts into the water, they’ll remember your special day. It’s a gesture that goes beyond the wedding day, offering a bit of pampering and a touch of your love that lingers long after the last dance.

Plant Seeds

Wedding jars filled with plant seeds contain a promise of new life and growth. You could choose a variety of flower seeds, from herbs and wildflowers to trees. Attach a small note to each jar, explaining how your love is also like a seed – something beautiful that grows and flourishes over time. You can include a heartfelt message like, “As these seeds grow, so does our love.” This is a wonderful way to extend the joy and memories of your wedding, long after the event itself.