August 18, 2021 / by Emma Jones

Sticking to a consistent colour scheme in your home is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to decorating. Creating a cohesive look that flows from one room to another is the dream of every homeowner. But how can you achieve that without getting lost on the way?

The best place to start is with colour. Choose a colour that can create a peaceful atmosphere in your home, such as the colour blue. If you haven’t incorporated it yet into your home interior, then you should consider doing so. No matter how pale or dark, it is a beautiful hue known for its calming, but also dramatic effect. Modern shades of blue are rich and welcoming and work equally well for setting the mood in your bedroom, living room, dining room.

Blue is a common favourite in the latest décor trends, reflecting some of the most beautiful parts of nature, such as the sky and the sea. It evokes positive feelings and symbolises calmness, balance, harmony and confidence. If you want to make your home feel calm and relaxed, then blue is your colour.

It ranges from cool to warm and it’s hard to go wrong when decorating with blue as its wide-ranging shades pair well with almost any other colour. But creating a blue colour scheme in your living space can be a challenging task, so here are a few simple ideas that can make it easy and enjoyable.

Use Blue Wallpaper on Your Walls


Wallpapers are not a thing of the past any longer thanks to the development of printing and manufacturing processes. They are quite popular again and the trend seems like is here to stay. The use of blue wallpaper designs is one of the simplest and easiest ways to introduce the colour in your home and create a cohesive colour scheme and sophisticated look.

Whether you are looking for ways to cosy up your bedroom or freshen up your living room, you can choose from a wide range of blue wallpaper designs and select the ones that suit your style and preferences. When choosing wallpaper in blue tones, consider the size and illumination of the room. For large rooms, you can opt for dark blue, but if you are working with smaller rooms, then lighter shades are a much better idea.

In colour therapy, blue tones are considered to evoke pureness, clarity and increased intuition. In the living space, the colour creates a calming and welcoming atmosphere, whether used in a deep navy or pale shade. There is an ideal shade of blue for every mood and style, which makes it one of the most versatile decorating hues, easy to mix and match.

Whether you decide to wrap an entire room in blue wallpaper or choose just one blue accent wall, you can create a stylish and inspiring space by adding something unique to the walls of your home. Installing wallpaper in your living space is a great way to add some character and depth, encouraging your personal touch through it.

However, wallpapers are not only aesthetically pleasing additions to modern homes. They are simple and easy to install, easy to clean and require low maintenance. Considering the busy lifestyles of the times we live, investing in wallpaper can be quite beneficial for modern homeowners.

Light Up the Atmosphere with Blue Lamps


Same as with many things in life, it’s the tiny details that can make a huge difference and the same goes for decorating your home as well. The style, theme and colour scheme define the room, but small décor pieces are the ones that can add charm and warmth to your living space.

Blue table lamps are one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to keep the consistency of your colour scheme throughout the house. A carefully chosen table lamp and shade can fulfil a double function in your scheme – it can provide light and can be used as a practical way to introduce an accent colour. When added in pairs, table lamps can create symmetry in any room.

When choosing lamps, look for crisp, clean shades and classic silhouettes. Tones of blue for a lamp base often work very well with a white shade or neutral shade. Navy and aqua lamps can be a good way to add a subtle pop of colour to the room. For the base materials, consider ceramic or glass.

Table lamps added in the bedroom can give you ambient lighting for reading and relaxing in your bed. Also, you can add a single lamp beside the sofa in your living room and create a cosy feel, or add a pair of blue lamps to a console table in your entryway to create a welcoming atmosphere for your visitors.

Make Your Home Feel More Comfortable with Blue Decorative Cushions

blue cushions

Cushions are at the top of the decorating game and blue decorative cushions are a great way to add depth to your home interior. Choose quality materials and patterns that you like and feel free to mix and match cushions in your living room or bedroom, or maybe create a cosy nook from a corner in your home that you are not using as often.

Decorative cushions can add personality to your living space and create a stylish and coordinated look in each room. A set of blue cushions can easily turn into an accent piece in your living room, but also they can add some extra comfort, so you can relax and enjoy after a long and stressful day.