January 13, 2021 / by Emma Jones

Dogs love spending time with us, even more than we love spending time with them. But like every living creature, they enjoy their alone time too. Regardless of whether your dog will spend only some time during the day outside, or they will live in the yard, there are many reasons why you should get them a nice outdoor dog house.

Dogs love having their own small kingdom. Not only can they have some privacy and quiet time in their own castle, but just like people, dogs appreciate having a place that is entirely theirs, a place where they can feel completely comfortable and safe on their own.

How to Choose an Appropriate Dog House?

The main purpose of dog houses is to offer protection for your dog from the elements. This is the most important reason why you should buy dog house that will suit your furry friend perfectly. However, outside dog houses can also be a beautiful addition to your garden, since they not only come in a great variety of sizes, and materials, but also in designs. Here are some factors to consider when you set out to buy a dog house.

dog inside his house outside
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One of the most important things you need to consider when choosing a house for your dog, regardless of whether it will be their dwelling or a place to rest when they’re outdoors, is size. Choosing the appropriate size will probably be what will ultimately determine whether your dog decides to enter their house and spend time inside.

In order to do this, you should measure your dog’s floor-to-head height, while they’re sitting, as well as their nose-to-rump size. If your dog is still a puppy, consider their breed so you can determine how much they’ll grow. Once you have these measurements, you should add 8-10 cm to each of them. Some dogs, especially dogs that are prone to fear and anxiety, like smaller houses because they feel safer in them. However, it’s important that they aren’t too narrow or too confining for them.


Temperature is of course another thing you should consider, especially if your dog will spend longer periods of time in the yard. Larger houses are great for summer since they stay cooler, but they also stay cooler when it’s cold, which is quite inconvenient for places where the temperatures drop a lot during the winter.

Though the size of the dog house can influence the temperature inside, there are other things that have a much bigger impact, such as the material used to build it, the bedding, the floor etc. However, one thing that has a great role regarding the temperature, is the placement of the dog house. Try to keep the dog house sheltered. This means that it should be protected from being hit by the sun during the entire day, as well as from the wind and rain. However, try to avoid to put it in a place that’s always in shade.

dog inside his house in the garden
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Dog houses are most commonly built from metal, plastic, wood or some kind of a combination. Metal dog houses are the strongest, most long-lasting and resilient option, which also makes them very secure. Though they are pretty heavy-duty, they can be very lightweight. One of the biggest benefits of metal dog houses is that, unlike wood, they can be water-resistant, they can’t be damaged by termites, and they don’t have pores where fleas and ticks can live in. Metal dog houses can’t be chewed or scratched by your dog.

Plastic and wood dog houses can be damaged easier by your dog. Similarly, to metal dog houses, plastic dog houses are durable and lightweight, and they are easy to clean, and they are also fairly safe from termites and pests, and they are water-resistant. Wood dog houses are the most common ones, and they are the most aesthetically pleasing ones as well. However, they are probably the least long-lasting option, since they are the most prone to water damage, and they can be scratched and chewed.


One way to protect your dog from extreme temperatures and the cold wet ground is to get a dog house with raised floors. The space between the interior of the house and the ground provides insulation, keeping the doghouse warmer. If the house is made from wood, this will also protect it from water damage, and absorbing moisture that would keep the dog house even colder.

dog standing in front of his house
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Furthermore, since the floor may be cold during winter, you should provide your dog with a dog bed or a pad to keep them warmer, as well as give them more comfort. Additionally, you can place blankets for colder weather. To protect the bed from mould and mildew, you can also place a layer of cedar shavings underneath the bed. They will absorb moisture and repel fleas and ticks.

Additional Tips

As a responsible dog owner, you should make sure you provide them with everything they need to be a happy and healthy dog. If you’ve decided to buy dog house, of course, you are planning on allowing your dog to spend a lot of time alone outside, or maybe it will be their permanent dwelling.

Firstly, dogs should always have fresh water available, and if they are spending a lot of time outside this is even more important. Place the suitable dog bowl near the house, provide them with water frequently, and feed them at their mealtimes. Furthermore, regardless of their size, age or breed, all dogs can benefit greatly from toys. They provide them with comfort and fun, and they help them fight off boredom. You should put their toys near the dog house, so that they can chew on them, relax and burn off some energy, inside or outside their dog house.