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Workshop Tools Equipment

Whether looking to enhance an existing workshop, or decided to start one from scratch, few woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts will come up with the same tools and equipment wish lists. Most of the time, the first priority is either a radial arm saw, band saw or table saw, followed by equipment meant to dress up

April 28, 2017 / by Danny Mavis

The climate is changing, and we here in Australia are very well aware of its disastrous effects. Just last September we’ve experienced a severe storm that damaged the electricity transmission lines and resulted in South Australia running out of power. If you were among the 1.7 million affected, then you must know how it feels

March 24, 2017 / by Danny Mavis
gear motors

Isn’t it amazing how greatly technology has advanced? Not more than two centuries ago, when it was only its beginning, people were still reluctant to machinery, partly because of the costs and the other part because of not knowing how to use it so its presence was still rather insignificant, which isn’t the case today.

December 27, 2016 / by Danny Mavis

What’s a Gearbox? A gearbox is a mechanical system of shafts and gears that serves the main purpose of slowing things down in a machine so that the energy from one place can be transferred and used in a different place. Gearboxes are most commonly seen in cars and trucks, and in these settings they

December 02, 2016 / by Danny Mavis
air monitoring equipment

Whether it’s in your home, a restaurant or an office, the quality of the air you breathe is a non-negotiable thing. Not because air is free and we all have access to it, but because clean air contributes to happy people and workers, and therefore, to increased productivity and good results. While the general air

November 25, 2016 / by Danny Mavis
automation control

Back in the days the production process was mainly led by man power, however, with the huge developments in the world of technology, today things are quite different. Nowadays, the technology and computers have deeply penetrated the industry which makes the automation control one of the most competitive benefits in the world of production. For

September 21, 2016 / by Danny Mavis

More and more companies and retail stores are experiencing a continuous lack of available storage space. Many owners are looking for ways to fix this problem. If you’re a warehouse owner and your commercial space is completely filled with products, materials or any other merchandise you’re offering, you need some great retail shelving systems. This

September 13, 2016 / by Danny Mavis

With the introduction of new inventions to every industry, the trends and the way things are done tend to change quite often. This is the most common way that certain industries improve. When it comes to automation devices, changes usually lead to improvements in the manufacturing systems and machines. If you are looking to get

August 04, 2016 / by Danny Mavis
Shelving units

When it comes to finding the best shelving solution in a warehouse or industrial situation then you really can’t go past pallet racks. In any situation, it is important to understand how this type of shelving works so you can easily add it to your workplace. Below we have compiled a rough guide on how

July 20, 2016 / by Danny Mavis