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reusable straws

You’ve probably heard this by now: plastics are dangerous for the environment and take up centuries to break down. There’s been a great deal of talk about this lately, resulting in plastic ban trends, and while it started with plastic bags and takeaway containers, the latest topic, plastic straws, is roaring up even louder. Though

November 26, 2018 / by Emma Jones
Cake Box

Turning your hobby into a business is one of the best ways to ensure you’ll be running a successful one. Doing what you love for a living is one of the most wonderful things that could happen to anyone since that way, you can get the best of both worlds: pleasure and profit. When speaking

October 19, 2018 / by Emma Jones
water enhancer

Water, the element that makes up the majority of the planet and over 60% of the human body. In my case, that percentage might be even more if you take into account the massive amounts of water I drink each day. At my work desk, there’s always a glass of water keeping me company at

January 12, 2018 / by Emma Jones

Refined sugar proudly dwells on the top of the list of the most damaging ingredients found in the modern diet and for a good reason too. Obesity, for instance, occurs mostly due to the overconsumption of processed foods loaded with sugar. Apart from being a number one cause of overweight issues, refined sugar is also

July 05, 2017 / by Emma Jones
Erythritol Sugar

The best selling self-help author Karen Salmansohn said: “Sugar is the sociopath of foods. It acts sweet…but it’s really a poison”. We all know sugar is one of the most powerful and one of the most delicious substances known to mankind and I’m sure we all know at least one person addicted to it. And

June 13, 2017 / by Emma Jones

The mere fact that you can go about 3-4 weeks without eating any food, but just a few days without water, speaks volumes about the importance of H2O as an essential substance for life. It plays a major role in all vital bodily functions such as nutrient absorption, digestion and chemical reactions, plus, the lack

January 11, 2017 / by Emma Jones
stemless wine glass

Wine is one of the tastiest and most socially praised drinks in the world today. It represents class, elegance and intimacy, and there’s a good reason why the top quality bottles of wine are so expensive. It pairs well with many foods and can be even used as an extra ingredient adding flavour to many

October 04, 2016 / by Danny Mavis