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dogs at home

Let’s be honest: if you’re a dog owner and your dog barks excessively, then it’s probably brought you to the end of your leash more than once. It’s called nuisance barking; and if you have neighbours, you can be pretty sure that they’re even less enthused about it than you are.

July 28, 2023 / by Danny Mavis
dog grooming

If you’re planning to become a professional dog groomer, prepare to deal with some seriously fluffy clientele on a daily basis. Although it’s a rewarding job, sometimes it can feel like you’re wrestling with a giant cotton ball in the middle of a hurricane, especially if you don’t have a suitable grooming station. If you’re

March 21, 2023 / by Emma Jones
dogs in Dog Snuggle Beds

Dogs enjoy sleeping in a comfortable and secure area just like we do. Quality sleep is very important for your dog’s health and wellbeing because that’s the time when its body rests and recovers. A tired dog can easily fall asleep almost anywhere, but having a cosy sleeping area is something your furry friend deserves.

September 13, 2021 / by Danny Mavis

Your dog’s health is absolutely important, and maintaining it should be at the top of your priority list in order to avoid future illness, especially for older dogs. If your pet is a senior, there’s a high chance that it may suffer from joint conditions. As much as you try to provide them with a

July 07, 2021 / by Emma Jones

As our best friends, dogs deserve proper care and lots of love. Providing them with the right food, playing with them every day and visiting the vet regularly are some of the most important things to ensure your doggo is living a happy and healthy life by your side. That being said, you’ll need dog

March 26, 2021 / by Danny Mavis

Dogs love spending time with us, even more than we love spending time with them. But like every living creature, they enjoy their alone time too. Regardless of whether your dog will spend only some time during the day outside, or they will live in the yard, there are many reasons why you should get

January 13, 2021 / by Emma Jones
Beautiful Golden Retriever dog holding in teeth a bowl on grass

With movement restrictions across the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, taking care of your pet’s health can get difficult these days. Aussies love their pets, so whether you’re a new dog, cat or bird parent, taking care of an aquarium of fish or you’re a proud horse owner, getting the pet supplies needed can

October 05, 2020 / by Danny Mavis
Beautiful Golden Retriever dog holding in teeth a bowl on grass

Dogs are messy because that is in their nature. We see this everyday when we come across them in the park. If you are in the process of selecting a new pet you might not be aware that dogs can also be excitable eaters. This is an important point to consider when getting supplies to

August 24, 2020 / by Danny Mavis
Dog Tracker

Dog trackers have become increasingly more popular with the massive adoption of smart devices, as they allow owners to keep track of their pets from afar, at all times. But with so many different types of pet dog tracker models available nowadays, all of which have different features, and come at a different price, it

August 29, 2019 / by Danny Mavis

Like most animals, horses need special care in winter in order to stay war and healthy. As the temperatures drop, your four-legged gracious friend needs proper treatments and equipment that will get him through the colder weather more comfortably and without any health hazards. There is a preventative strategy can help make this process less

March 15, 2019 / by Emma Jones