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For a lot of people, shorter days and crisp weather are signs that the outdoor entertaining season has ended. Those lazy outdoor lunches with the family and nights spent with friends on the patio are turned into glorious memories from a summer that’s long since faded. But things don’t have to be this way.

September 03, 2020 / by Danny Mavis

Choosing between a tub and a shower can be a tough decision. Homeowners get stuck on this question a lot when designing a new bathroom or remodelling an existing one. Both tubs and showers have their own advantages and cons, and the following factors can help you make the right decision.

August 27, 2020 / by Emma Jones
wall mount Javi_letter_box

You’ve got mail! Reading these words, I have to admit I’m still happier when it’s through slow mail than email. The excitement that stems from the fact you’re receiving something the good old-fashioned way is incomparable for me, be it getting a package ordered online, a gift from a thoughtful person, or simply an ad.

August 13, 2020 / by Emma Jones

When it comes to sleep, not all of us manage to drift off to dreamland that easily. As the main focus of the bedroom, the bed, or rather the mattress specifically, is usually the solution one seeks in terms of increasing the comfort. Still, you can’t say you’ve taken care of your comfort entirely until

August 07, 2020 / by Emma Jones
Portable Metal Shed With-Sliding-Door

When you feel like the space around you is getting smaller, it must be time for a storage solution. Types of Storage Sheds Sheds are simple roofed structures, usually installed in the backyards of residential properties. There are many different shapes and sizes of sheds. The following types are some of the most common ones.

July 26, 2020 / by Danny Mavis
lehana outdoor double lounge l custom made

These days, the idea of creating a comfortable and appealing outdoor area means to bring the indoors out. The first step towards doing this is to choose from the many quality and comfy outdoor sets for sale. While their main purpose is to give you the needed comfort when sitting, you should think about their

June 02, 2020 / by Danny Mavis

Though summer is officially over, it’s still warm enough to enjoy autumn days in sweet reminiscing of the months that just passed by. I’m truly fond of summer, and I always think it goes by in the blink of an eye, while other seasons take ages to pass… Well, if you too are a summer

May 18, 2020 / by Emma Jones
wallpaper floral

If you think that wallpaper is a thing of the past, think again. Wallpaper is back in the interior design world as a means of creating timeless and gorgeous spaces. And some of the favourite prints and patterns among Aussies feature flowers. Flowers wallpaper designs are like a breath of fresh air in modern interior

February 21, 2020 / by Danny Mavis

There’s no doubt about it. We Aussies love spending as much time outdoors as possible, whether camping in the wilderness or having a BBQ in our backyards. Backyard barbies are a great opportunity to spend some quality time with family and friends. And to make sure your steaks and burgers impress everyone and leave them

February 10, 2020 / by Emma Jones
six person spas

The pursuit of happiness is a universal thing, we all want to be happy however many of us have forgotten how to just be happy instead of constantly seeking for this feeling elsewhere, letting stress sneak up on us and drain all our energy and health. Learning how to relax and just letting your thoughts

January 13, 2020 / by Emma Jones